Josh Taylor instructs guitar and piano at DosayRecords Studio in the East Portland/Gresham area. He knows quite a few styles and can get you playing your favorite songs right away, as well as building foundations in the curriculum like technique and accurate rhythm. For more information check out the website.

Serviced Areas

  • Gresham, Portland, Troutdale, Rockwood, Multnomah County

Contact Details

  Person Joshua Taylor
  City Gresham, OR
  Address 165th and Burnside
  Phone Number (503) 807-3557

Business Representative

Joshua Taylor


Josh Taylor has over 20 years of experience with guitar and piano and music in general. He has also studied composition and theory, went to music college, and has put out an album of original music. He now teaches guitar lessons in East Portland and play regularly at his church, while studying business and working as a part-time supervisor at a shipping company.

Josh's philosophy is that music is expression for creativity and passion in general and he just draws that out. Some students like to write their own music, others like to just play their favorites songs, still others like to read music and learn the old-fashioned way and that's fine. Whatever angle you come from music will help in creativity, focus, and self-motivation.


Guitar Lessons Made Simple - East Portland - Gresham, Oregon

Here's a bit of information on Josh Taylor's guitar lessons along with some of the students.

From Our Website

Are you a beginner? Awesome! I just started a free weeklong online course to get you started from buying your first guitar to playing a real song. If you just want to take regular one-on-one lessons, beginner or advanced go ahead and read on! Learning a new instrument can be exciting, but intimidating, when you don't where to start. The gift of music is worth the time and effort, but sometimes you need a boost. With a patient guitar instructor you'll be playing songs before you know it. Usually in a month or two.

How do online lessons work? There are different ways to do this. Many instructors are selling online courses which are recorded or written out ahead of time and sold to whoever is interested. There are great benefits to this such as the ability to replay videos and the resources are good if it was put together well. But the automated method lacks a personal touch. What I am doing is offering live personal one-on-one lessons just like you were learning with me in the studio, but from the comfort of your home.