10 Reasons For Taking Guitar Lessons With Me:

1. Learn the right things, in a logical, step by step manner and improve at a much faster rate than other guitar players.
2. Flexible scheduling and lesson options set to your money and time budget.
3. Play REAL music, including your favorite songs you hear on the radio or on your iPod.
4. Unleash your inner creative potential and make an emotional connection with others through your music.
5. Learn various techniques and strategies that will help increase your work ethnic and time management skills.
6. Avoid the frustration and wasted time/energy of trying to learn on your own.
7. Start making music immediately by creating/writing songs and solos and not have to wait months (or years) before you understand the "basics".
8. Make friends, jam and have fun with other guitarists, while you create and exchange songs and solos.
9. Improve concentration, memory, and coordination with correct learning habits and patterns which will benefit in many aspects of your life such as school and work.
10. Learn in a focused, yet relaxed/friendly environment, from a passionate, patient, and organized teacher.

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  Person Guitar Lessons In San Jose
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Guitar Lessons In San Jose

My name is Victor Diep and I understand how frustrating it is not being to play guitar the way you want. I have helped many guitar players like you, create music, save time and maximize progress. But you're not here to learn about me, you're here because you want more pleasure in playing music. You're here to find solutions to the problems that keep you from playing the way you want. You're here because you have specific things you want to do on the guitar. And together, we'll have more fun in the process of becoming the guitar player you want to be.

Customer Testimonials

I thought I was good before, but Victor's lessons really increased my level of playing. I play and perform in a couple bands but sometimes I have trouble expressing myself. He always finds my problems and prescribes just the right thing to scrape away whatever is holding me back.

Victor's teaching style is very structured, and with his personality and coaching, the guitar lessons always ensure you make incredible progress. He's the kind of teacher that understands you first as a person then as a musician. I've been taking guitar for about four months, and have already excelled from near the bottom to the top of my class at school.

Lessons were very easy to learn, it helped me pick up on things that might take me longer to learn; chords transitions, accurate sounding of the chords, etc. Victor is also easy to interact with and he is always thriving to learn more and teach.He has a great passion for guitar and I recommend him to those who want to play guitar and always thriving to get better.