Music lessons for all ages are great way to improve other skills like math, hand-eye coordination, and study skills. Ages 8 to 80 are welcome! Gift certificates are also available.

Here's just some of what you'll learn:

* Correct technique and exercises to keep you avoid common guitar injuries
* Every real-world trick I know to easily read standard notation and tablature
* All the chords you'll ever need
* Improv techniques so you can enjoy the purest form of music
* All the cool little tricks and details that make you sound like a pro
* Songs you want to learn in your favorite genres
* Groove and strumming exercises to keep you out of a rhythm rut
* The real building blocks of music so you have a deeper understanding and better performance

Many teachers will shortcut you on things that will get you playing faster, but unfortunately leave you without the knowledge to continue learning on your own. You won't be left in the dark about how or why we're doing anything and you'll find each new concept immediately useful.

Don't forget, your first lesson is free and space is limited. So contact me now to secure your slot.

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  • San Jose and Milpitas, CA

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  Person Phil Johnson
  City San Jose, CA
  Zip Code 95132
  Address Landess Ave & Piedmont Rd
  Phone Number (408) 946-7471

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Phil Johnson


My name is Phil Johnson and I am a professional music artist and songwriter. I have a BA in music from San Jose State University and over 16 years of both teaching and performing experience. Over 300 students have come to me for lessons over the years and I've been able to help each one. Professionally, I've released 5 CDs and three DVDs.

Customer Testimonials

Learning to play guitar with Phil has been a lot of fun. I am a complete musical novice, plus I have a demanding full-time job, so he’s needed to be both patient and extremely flexible. In addition to the usual “book learning,” he asked me to find and taught me songs I wanted to learn, which was a nice break from the “Grade 1″ selections. Quite comfortable and knowledgable in a wide variety of musical tastes and styles, Phil is definitely worth talking to if you’re looking for a fantastic music teacher.

​I'm an intermediate level guitarist and I've been taking Guitar lessons from Phil a little over 7 months now. Without a doubt, he's the best teacher that I've ever worked with so far. He's a true "guru" and a guide , so to speak. My goals with him were to analyze song structures/theory and get into songwriting and I can definitely agree that my theory/technique and analysis skills have grown tenfold in a very short amount of time. He's very methodical and organized in his approach when it comes to teaching a lesson or tracking your progress. The best part about him is he tailors his lessons specifically for your skill level no matter what part of the journey you're in. He's very patient, humble and super fun to be with. He's an amazing professional with great depth of knowledge spanning across multiple genres be it Jazz/Blues/Rock/Metal. I would 100% recommend him to any aspiring guitarist.