Charlotte lives in the Texas Hill Country, surrounded by woods and wildlife, but still within reach of the Austin music scene. The music of her horses snorting and munching in the paddock and the songs of the coyotes in the distance are as integral to her creativity as the jazz or rock and roll streaming from her house on the hill. Guitar players of all ages and levels travel the winding, unpaved road to her studio to benefit from her lifetime of conscious teaching.

How can Charlotte help you with your guitar playing? Design your own program (or have her help create one), using her Instructional materials (videos, DVD's, books, CD's, practice aids and a complete digital library), study the free lessons which are continually available on the site, or study with Charlotte at a workshop, intensive, or private lesson, either in person or via webcam.

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  Person Charlotte Adams
  City Wimberley , TX
  Zip Code 78676
  Phone Number (512) 842-1435

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Charlotte Adams

Many people who have heard Charlotte play describe her as a jazz guitarist. Others consider her a vocalist as well. If she played at a wedding which you attended, you might think her musical focus is classical guitar. But if you ask Charlotte, she will probably simply say "I play guitar". Hooked on Chet Atkins' guitar style as a teen, her playing still reflects the influence, as she always seems to come back to fingerstyle chord melodies and can't seem to resist an alternating and moving bassline.

Charlotte has devoted her life to helping others learn to enjoy playing the music they love (regardless of the style!) and to become fluent in the language of music.

Products & Services

Guitar Lessons

My students often comment on how different their lesson experience is with me from the experiences they have had with previous teachers. If you are considering either local (Central Texas) or long-distance (Skype) lessons, you might want to read about my mission and teaching style.

Guitar Workshops and Retreats

Take a rapid leap in your guitar playing! Regardless of your age or level of experience, you will be able to fit into and enjoy one or more of the many workshops available. In addition to the 1/2 day and one-day workshops for men, women and teens, I offer Texas Hill Country Guitar Workshop/Retreats twice yearly for women.

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Charlotte, a talented jazz guitarist and teacher was my teacher for one year from October, 2008 to October 2009. Because of business pressures in October 2009, I had to put my guitar instruction on a temporary hold which I am hopeful can be resumed sometime in the fourth quarter of 2010. I started late in life taking guitar lessons. Charlotte, whom I found on the internet, was my fifth guitar teacher in ten months. At the time I visited her at her studio in Wimberley, I was a very discouraged person.

In a very short order, she, indeed, gave me the confidence and encouragement to continue my guitar studies and to achieve my goal of being able to play a jazz guitar. In addition to her holistic approach to teaching, her patience and inherent understanding of people and their individual needs as a student set her apart from the prior teachers I have studied with and make her unique. I traveled 160 miles every two weeks to take a two hour lesson with Charlotte. As with all of her other students, my instruction never stopped there, Charlotte would always take phone calls and emails to answer questions and / or provide additional instruction and encouragement.

Value for moneyI would recommend Charlotte Adams to any one who would like to guitar
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Customer Testimonials

Charlotte has been teaching me music with the guitar since Nov 2015. I started with a few intensive lessons at her house in Wimberly, TX, and now I practice with her for 3 thirty minute visits on Skype weekly - in the comfort of my home. I also attended a weekend guitar retreat she hosted in Spring 2016 at her house.

There are no words to express how blessed I am to learn the guitar from her. I find Charlotte to be a "one stop source" for music. She teaches everything from theory to reading notes, getting the right rhythm, techniques, learning songs, scales, voice, piano, etc. While she helps me build a solid music foundation, she also advises me on my posture, my breathing, my practice sessions, and my life habits to be a better guitar player. There are so many teachers out there, but from my experience it is hard to find one that continuously challenges you and keeps you inspired and motivated.

What works best for me is to see her on a regular basis instead of once a week (thank you Skype!) We became a team and our lessons are much more like assisted practice time. Each lesson is unique and her method is flexible yet complete and thorough.

Contrary to what most people believe, Skype lessons are pretty much similar to in-person lessons. Charlotte can really hear and see everything. I don't feel like it depreciates the lessons. Anyhow, I don't think all teachers can be great teachers on Skype like she is. One can tell that she has experience in that matter with many students living all around the country.

I highly recommend Charlotte whether you are a first time player, a seasoned artist, an inspiring musician, or even a music instructor. She has something to offer everyone!