Offering private guitar and bass lessons in the Three Village/ East Setauket/ Stony brook area. Customized curriculum based on the individual student's needs and goals. Lessons are taught in a private and professional studio setting, and are located convenient to SBU Campus and Three Village School District. All ages and Styles welcome.

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  Person Michael J Perrotta
  City East Setauket, NY
  Zip Code 11733
  Phone Number (631) 356-3841

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Michael J Perrotta

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I was given my first guitar for Christmas just before my twelfth birthday. I was not a fast learner. I couldn't tune correctly, and was barely able to make sense of the tabs I downloaded. I blamed my cheap $100 Harmony guitar and amp combo pack for all the bad sounds I was getting. When I showed my uncle my rig and he was able to conjure something that resembled Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughn, the confused look on my face must have been priceless.

I'm not sure exactly when it was, but at some point in early high school, something clicked. I began devoting hours of my day to playing guitar. I spent time at the local library reading books, internet articles, and message boards about guitar playing. I began surrounding myself with musicians who were a little older and definitely better players than I was. I took lessons on and off when my family could afford them, but most importantly I kept playing.

At first teaching guitar lessons seemed like something to do on the side, but quickly I realized it was something I loved and seemed to be good at. I kept just a handful of private students for a couple of years until 2006, when an opportunity to take on a teaching position at a local music store came up. I gladly accepted, and what began as a few students on the weekends quickly evolved into a full schedule and the start of my career.

My time spent teaching at the music store proved to be invaluable in developing my teaching abilities and style...

Teaching in my home studio allows me access to much higher quality equipment than any music store I've been in, as well as a totally customized working environment. Here I have access to a great selection of guitars, amps, and pedals, plus other instruments such as a piano and drum kit, as well as a dedicated audio computer with an array of software tools I use to teach with. The space doubles as a recording studio where I also compose, record, and produce music for bands and solo artists.

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Over the past decade, I have built a teaching method which ensures that each of my students will learn how to become proficient at playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or bass, in various genres and settings.

Each of my students are trained to become independent musicians who are capable of learning how to play songs on their own, create music, improvise with others, and become experts in their preferred musical styles.

Whether the goal is playing in a touring band, writing and performing locally, or just playing at home, I teach an individualized and evolving curriculum, based on the current interests and growth of each student.

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