I currently give lessons at Allied Music, located on the southwest side of Toledo. I recommend that beginners start out with 30-minute lessons, because there is a lot to take in at the start. I teach a healthy, generalized technique that will give you maximum control over the voice. Since the voice is one instrument, healthy singing in all genres is produced in the same way. However, in order to gain full control over key stylistic differences, such as vibrato (a major distinguishing element between classical and popular styles of singing) a singer must be able to produce both ends of the spectrum.

Why study voice:

♪ Practice and performance opportunities result in stress release.
♪ Accountability can increase your preparation for and number of performance opportunities.
♪ Builds confidence in personal abilities and strengthens self-reliance.
♪ Opportunities to set and achieve goals serve as a model for the real world.
♪ Develops public communication skills.
♪ Strengthens creativity and on-the-spot thinking.
♪ Develops appreciation for and understanding of music of various genres.
♪ Enhances ability to collaborate as a member of a team for a common purpose.
♪ Greater knowledge of singing technique enables you to sing more easily and without pain, decreasing risks of vocal damage.

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  Person Jennifer Krull
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Jennifer Krull

Voice Teacher

In addition to work as a soloist, Jennifer has continued her dedication to choral work as the Alto Section Leader of the Chancel Choir at First Presbyterian Church in Bowling Green, Ohio. She has also recently been a member of the University Choral Society, New Music Ensemble, and Early Music Ensemble. She recently completed her master's degree in Vocal Performance at Bowling Green State University, where she was a student of Dr. Ann Corrigan.