The "average" child of today often learns at least one instrument and participates in sports or musical ensembles, in addition to other school and extracurricular activities.

Now, imagine if your child could learn an extraordinary skill applicable in all aspects of life; that helps them become truly great at what they do. Imagine a skill that allows your child to complete learning tasks at a fraction of the time compared to their peers; a skill that pushed musicians like Joshua Bell, Yundi Li, and Lang Lang, athletes like Jerry Rice, Michael Jordan, and Michael Phelps, comedian Chris Rock, Benjamin Franklin, and Warren Buffet, just to name a few, into the upper echelon of their respective fields.

Did they all take piano lessons? Most likely not. But the one common skill that propelled them to greatness can be learned and honed through piano lessons under the guidance of a knowledgeable and strategic piano teacher with an intimate understanding of this method of learning.

My goal in lessons at my piano studio is to introduce the different parts of this method through various aspects of piano learning, to get your child accustomed to this learning method, little by little, in their daily practice sessions. And in time, make it second nature to the way your child works so that they can apply the same principles to other parts of their life.

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Kevin Kao

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From Kevin Kao's faculty evaluations during his two years teaching at San Diego State, his charismatic nature, passion for piano, and ability to create a fun learning atmosphere quickly emerge as common threads among his student evaluations.

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My 6-years-old daughter takes private piano lessons with Ms. Tsai and group class with Ms. Clare. Their music material is systematic and they are experienced in teaching young kids. Annabelle progresses steadily and gains confidence from the encouragements of Ms. Clare and Ms. Tsai. I feel Annabelle gets lots of individual attention from them, which she might not have in YAMAHA or other franchise commercial music school.

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Two quotes from TED talk legend Sir Ken Robinson revealing the roadmap for raising your kids. While all the intellectual benefits of piano and music lessons are a nice bonus, the real value of taking music lessons are the life skills and values it teaches kids. The fact that music education creates well-rounded, confident children, helps them become whole human beings who are sensitive to the world around them and teaches them the ability to think critically is why finding your music school and giving your kids music lessons is such an important and worthwhile undertaking.

He's been really helping me shape my music and my musicality with technique work and working on pieces that I really enjoy. The thing I like about Kevin is he doesn't make you feel bad about your mistakes; he's really there to help you. He supports you and we laugh together when I make a bad move and he really helps me figure out what the pieces mean to him and what they could mean to me in a way that focuses on the music. When I began taking piano lessons with Kevin, I had some piano experience.