Find out about special offers and events before anyone else. Enter on Miller Road, right across the street from Menard's. We're just 4 miles N of the Randall Road exit off Route 90. We feature a hand-picked range of guitars, basses, amplifiers and accessories from many great makers as well as our own custom built guitars and much more.

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  City Carpentersville, IL
  Zip Code 60110
  Address 2271 Randall Road
  Phone Number (847) 844-8844

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The safety, security, and confidence of our customers and staff is our highest priority. For this reason, we have implemented new operations protocols to maximize everyone's protection and peace of mind. Information is changing fast these days, and these protocols have been created using the best available science and data. As the situation develops, so will we. Honestly, we're not crazy about it either, but we're still very happy to get back to doing what we do best and hopeful that things will normalize in the coming weeks and months.

Fat Cat Custom Guitars & Repair offers high quality work ranging from setups, electronics replacement, general repairs, meticulous fretwork including complete refrets (with binding), and much more. When you bring your guitar in to us you can expect great quality work for a very fair price, often with surprisingly fast turnaround. If you have a guitar that doesn't quite fit or hasn't reached its full potential, we can modify it for you from pickup replacements to switching configurations and beyond.

At Fat Cat Custom Guitars & Repair, the focus is on just that - custom guitars and repair. As such, the only new guitars you'll find here are the ones we build. We also carry guitar parts and pickups as well as guitar players' necessities such as strings and picks, and occasionally there may be a nice used guitar or two available. We do not, however, carry new guitars from any major manufacturer, new amplifiers, band instruments, drums or anything else that isn't a custom guitar or guitar accessory.

Fat Cat Custom Guitars & Repair is dedicated to the pursuit of great playing, great sounding guitars. We repair, modify, customize, and build guitars with the objective of helping every player get maximum enjoyment and use out of their instrument. From minor guitar repair and setups to heavy modifications all the way to intricate and unusual full custom builds, we bring our exacting standards and highest quality work to every job. All work is performed on-site by owner, technician and builder Scott Bond.

Fat Cat Custom electric guitars are built both from scratch and from existing parts, and the custom process can be very simple to very, very complex. Guitar enthusiasts from casual players to collectors to road-hardened pros have discovered that Fat Cat Customs deliver an extraordinary level of craftsmanship and playability at an extremely fair price. There are always some Fat Cat Customs available for sale in our shop, and many players opt to have a Fat Cat Custom built to their precise specifications.