Music school with unique opportunity for students to be trained as a concert performers with passibility to perform at most prestigious venues in USA and abroad. Accept students for three divisions: 1. Precollege instrumental music education (children age from 3 to 18) 2. Instrumental music training for adults 3. Coaching for professionals with piano pedagogy. All instruments: piano, violin, viole, guitar, trumpet, etc.; ear and vocal coaching; theory and history of mystic study. All levels, school grades or stages of study. All styles from easy to advanced wide repertoire.

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  Person Dr. Bella E. Oster
  City Silver Spring, MD
  Zip Code 20905
  Address 15420 Silver Spring
  Phone Number (301) 421-0960
  Mobile 301 362-3633
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Dr. Bella E. Oster


Dr. Oster has 40 years experience as a music educator for young children (ages from 3 to 18) and college students. She is Principal and Professor of Piano Performance at EAMA, Inc., President of IAMGC, Inc., and Vice-President of the Recognition Board of the World Congress of Arts, Sciences, and Communications, Cambridge, England. Dr. Oster was selected as an outstanding musician of the 20th century in 2001 from World Bibliography Center, UK. She is also an international advisor for piano pedagogy for the same organization. Dr. Oster permanently serves as a judge for a large number of national and international competitions, and systematically provides masterclasses.

Customer Testimonials

Dr. Oster dedicates her career to groom young children to receive a well rounded music and art education. Under her guidance, students learn to perform piano, music theory and history and appreciate art in general. She believes in the endless potential of our children in instill in them the value of discipline and hardwork from the very young age. Many of her students as a result excel in music, academia and personal growth.

Twelve years ago, when I was looking for a piano teacher for my three-year-old daughter, I was hoping to find a teacher who was competent, strict, knowledgeable, artistic, loving and understanding children and most importantly who had the passion for teaching. Later on, I realized that competency, knowledge, and dedication are not good enough to form an excellent educator. An outstanding teacher will provide you with a vision, shall be able to reveal a child’s potential, shall be capable of nurturing a child’s strength, and shall be willing to guide a child to utilize and enjoy his or her full potential. We found those qualities in Dr. Oster. My daughter has been learning piano with Dr. Oster for twelve years. Throughout her years with Dr. Oster, she has been rewarded with confidence and self-discipline. We are very pleased to see that our little girl grew into a confident, well rounded young lady. Dr. Oster’s passion for music instills a life-long love of music in her students. Her profound knowledge of music, especially piano music and history is astonishing. She is a strong believer in early childhood education and in particular, how professional music training in early childhood can fundamentally enhance a child’s development; she believes public performance is the crown for professional musicians. Therefore she exposed her students to various concerts performances. Under Dr. Oster’s guidance, starting from four years old, my daughter has been to numerous esteemed venues to perform with a lot of memorial experiences. Those experiences tremendously enrich her young life. From a simple curtsy or bow, to how to smile, Dr. Oster has helped to shape boys and girls into young men and women.

Dr Bella E. Oster is my daughter's piano teacher since she was 41/2 years old. She does not settle for less. Dr Oster has brought out the best in my daughter, and still is, in ways that I could not imagine. She has fostered in my daughter a great sense of focus, determination, and discipline. These qualities help my daughter succeed in her academic work and other activities she is engaged in. We are very grateful to Dr Oster!

We have been in Dr. Oster's school for about four years. My kids have grown tremendously every single year being with her. My 10 year old girl and 12 year old boy not only think of her as an excellent teacher, but as a mom that you can come to every week with your problems. As a parent I can also go to her for advice to grow my kids as a whole. The fact that Dr. Oster has a background in child psychology really helps. She always has her way to bring out the uniqueness of each kid to encourage them not only to excel in piano play, but also other characters of success, such as commitment, strive for excellence, hard work, and dealing with frustration. This school provides a warm surrounding for my children. I really appreciate Dr. Oster and what she has found in my children. My kids and I are so glad to have her.

My daughter has been with Dr. Oster for over ten years. Dr. Oster is an excellent teacher. She always encourages my daughter to challenge herself and explore her potential. Now my daughter has gained so much confidence in herself. Dr. Oster has done a wonderful job.

Dr. Bella Oster has been my two sons' piano teacher since they were 4 1/2 years old. My sons are now 7 and 8 years old. Dr. Oster has been a wonderful piano teacher. I also took piano lessons when I was young for 9 years. But Dr. Oster has taught my kids so much more than my own piano teacher in less than half the time. They can now play advanced pieces like Chopin's Nocturne in E Minor, Op. 72 No. 1 and Kabalevsky's Sonatina 1 Op. 13 No. 1. She has a very effective teaching method that trains kids to have an analytical mind which helps them tackle difficult pieces more easily. She also provides the opportunity for her students to perform in major concert stages around the world. We had just come back from an Eastern European Concert tour in Prague, Krakow, and Budapest over the summer which her music school has organized. This was a wonderful experience for me and my kids.

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