“When a student walks into your studio, he is entrusting you with one of his most precious possessions – his voice.” (James McKinney, The Diagnosis and Correction of Vocal Faults) This statement reflects my own conviction that the care and nurture of a student’s voice is a great responsibility to be carefully undertaken. I believe it is the responsibility of the voice teacher to help students develop a vocal technique which promotes free, healthy singing. In addition, the voice teacher should nurture in their students confidence and a healthy mindset toward their singing. To be effective in developing both technique and confidence in students, I believe it is essential to develop strong trust within the teacher/student relationship.

My goal as a voice teacher is to help students develop a vocal technique which is free of undue physical tension, and thus, enables them to produce their best possible sound and to communicate both text and music clearly. The development of such a technique requires instruction in posture, breath management, focus and resonance, vocal registers, vowel formation, diction and articulation, legato singing, phrasing, dynamic contrasts in singing as well as development of range, power and flexibility. In addition to vocal skills, I also instruct students in character development, interpretation, presentation skills, vocal health as well as in how to learn music and practice.

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  • National Association of Teachers of Singing

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