Here are my guitar studio we focus alot on having fun learning songs, recording songs and creating cool videos. Yes, we work on the needed fundamentals for learning to play the guitar but we focus on learn through the music you love and applying everything you learn directly to the music itself.

I have created my own guitar curriculum, have an online music school where you can view the curriculum, videos, backing tracks etc... You get full lesson support between lessons, We have a performance awards program where you earn gold and platinum record awards for completing song setlists etc...

We are about having fun, playing music and inspiring you to WANT to learn more about how music works!

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Don Parkhurst jr


I started playing 40 years ago learned to play guitar by working out songs by bands ranging from Aerosmith to Hendrix then onwards to Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden to Metallica, Megadeth, Testament and so on. I was even lucky enough to study with Alex Skolnick(Testament, Savatage, Trans Siberian Orchestra) for a year. That was an awesome experience!

Later I decided I wanted to get into teaching and while I already had alot of knowledge through all the private lessons I took through the years I decided to get some formal education. I attended Hartford Conservatory of Music, took classes at Atlanta Institute of Music and studies music theory at a local community college. I began my teaching career at a local music school and moved on to open up my own Guitar School. Now I'm expanding my business online so I can help more students reach their goals. I love teaching and I'll do whatever it takes to help students reach whatever level of playing ability they strive towards. It doesn't matter to me if it's just strumming chords or getting into more complex theoretical concepts. I'm here to help no matter what level you're at!

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Don was a great teacher for my 12 year old son, he really enjoyed the lessons and learned a lot. I felt that he was professional and attentive to my son's interests and level. The online platform he used, Muzie was easy to use and Don posted practice videos that my son could play along with. He held high expectations for my son in terms of practice minutes, and I felt that my son learned a lot. I would highly recommend Don to anybody looking for lessons.

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Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

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  • Explains thing in a very easy to understand way.
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A very patient teacher! I have always tried to understand how to play and tried other teachers before. I finally found a teacher that would take the time to explain things in a way I could understand.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

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Finding the right teacher to get you to where you want to be as a musician can be very hard. In Donny Parkhurst you will find a studious musician who is compassionate to the learning proficiencies and challenges of his students, and a fair, reasonable man, who goes above and beyond to accommodate all of his pupils. If you have a genuine love and appreciation of music, and have the drive and motivation to become a skillful guitar player, this is the man to come to.

As a guitar player for the last 8 years, but only seriously for the last 2, Don was an absolutely perfect fit into my guitar schedule. Being self taught for so long, I had seemingly hit a brick wall in my study of the guitar. Don immediately picked up where I left off, breaking up the material that had been so tough for me to learn on my own into smaller, bite-sized chunks that not only made the process easier, but also fun.

On top of his tremendous knowledge of theory and technique, arguably Don's best teaching quality is his ability to connect with his students. I can't begin to say how many times I've stayed well after my lesson was over, talking about everything from music to life in general. It is because of this connection that I thoroughly enjoy taking lessons from Don week after week. From the beginner to the more advanced player, it is clear that Don has a lot to offer, and I would highly recommend lessons from him to anyone who loves playing the guitar as much as I do.

When my daughter was eight years old, I tried to teach her to play guitar when she showed an interest. I had been playing for more than twenty-five years and thought it would be easy. It was not. I then looked for a teacher and found that most refused to teach a child that young. I luckily ran across Don and he agreed to teach my daughter. Within a month, she was playing a short tune.

Now, six months later, she is learning chords, reading music and loving her lessons. Don even uses a web site to communicate with his students and track their practice. I don't even need to remind my daughter to practice; she does it on her own and records it on Don's website. Teaching music to children is an art and I would recommend Don to anyone considering having their children play guitar.

As a fellow guitar teacher, I know Don Parkhurst as an experienced and dedicated teacher always looking to give great value to his students. He is an active and thoughtful contributing member of a guitar teacher's forum that I belong to.

Don is excellent at breaking music down and helping you learn something new at your own pace. I learned how to play along to a recording, then alongside another guitar player, and eventually started writing my own songs!

Don's an excellent teacher. He knows exactly what to do when you're having difficulty which is the mark of a pro. Highly recommend him for lessons.


RSL Grade 6 or higher gives you entry to Musicians' Institute - Hollywood California

Here is a message from the Dean of Online Programs at Musicians' Institute, Michael Packer, recognising standards of RSL Awards and announcing collaborations whereby students that successfully complete Grade-6 (or higher) gains automatic acceptance to MI Certificate Programs.

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Here is another video showing you a lick using what I call the crossover scale. This is a real fun run to use when moving from one section of the fretboard to another. Have fun!
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Going through my videos and came across this cool one! Enjoy!!!🤘
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Here is another older video of me teaching a simple Am, Asus,Em chord progression. Sorry the tabs are a bit hard to see. After loading it into facebook the sound is a little weird and it got out of sync a little. Anyways Enjoy!
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Here is a video of a guitar lick I created for one of my students. Feel free to steal it and use it in your improvs and solos!
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I have 5 more spots to fill in my RockStar Guitar Program. If you are interested then sign up quickly as I'm offering a deal of 30% off the first months tution. Once the spots are filled the deal is off. Spots will probably fill quickly so ACT NOW!
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Here is my student Ben who just earned his Level Two Demo Award in our Rock Star Guitar Awards program. Way to go Ben!!!
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Whenever possible we try to match up students of similar musical interests and playing ability. Once a month they will get together to jam on their favorite songs. Students have tons of fun in these sessions! You'll have full access to the Online Academy where you'll be able to log into one of your assigned classrooms, jam along with backing tracks, check out video demonstrations and contact your teacher anytime!