Eileen Ruby is a wonderful voice teacher and performing artist, capable of demonstrating multiple vocal styles with ease from classical to rock. She loves teaching vocal technique and helping students reduce tension, resulting in less performance anxiety for those who perform, and more fun for those who are singing just for fun.

She believes strongly that there are many ways to learn and matches instruction to student's learning styles using visual imagery, kinestetic prompts, or auditory info depending on what works best. Eileen is also a strong advocate for music literacy and believes that you don't need to learn to play piano to become proficient at music reading. if voice is your instrument, then you absolutely can get everything you need to be a great musician in voice lessons.

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  • Voice Lessons
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  • Life Coaching

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  • National Association of Teachers of Singing

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  Person Eileen Ruby, MM; The Vocal Artist's Studio
  City Greenfield, MA
  Zip Code 01301
  Address 38 Alden St.
  Phone Number (413) 774-7969

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Eileen Ruby, MM; The Vocal Artist's Studio

Eileen Ruby, mezzo-soprano, performs frequently in recital and oratorio throughout New England and teaches voice privately in Greenfield and Amherst, and at Holyoke Community College and Deerfield Academy. Ms. Ruby has performed with the Keene Chorale, Arcadia Players Baroque Orchestra, and Commonwealth Opera, and with all of the Pioneer Valley's Five Colleges.

Eileen began her music training at age five. Her mother was her first piano teacher and she was performing solos in school chorus by sixth grade. She holds a Master of Music in Classical Voice Performance and a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance and Music Education, magna cum laude, form the University of Massachusetts where she studied with soprano, Paulina Stark.

She is certified in Somatic Voicework the Lovetri Method Level Three, is a certified practitioner of Integrative Acupressure and is a Reiki Master. Her teaching is informed by eighteen years of cross cultural spiritual studies, Qi Gong, Yoga, Alexander Technique, and Body Mapping. She teaches and performs classical and contemporary styles throughout the Pioneer Valley. She has been teaching voice since 1989.

Products & Services

Voice Lessons

Students generally come to individual voice lessons looking for help.
While interests may include two or more styles, it is common to start in one area and cross over into a new or additional area of concentration after the first is mastered. Simultaneous study of more than one style is always possible.

  • I would recommend this business
  • patient, experienced, wide range of experience

I've been studying with Eileen as a private student for about a year. She's my third voice teacher since i started about 3 years ago. She is by far the most knowledgeable and experienced person I've worked with. She brings a wide range of approaches to bear, and can quickly hone in on any issues. Not only does Eileen know how to expand the student's technical skills, she knows the emotive side of the art as well.

It is tempting to try to learn singing on your own, but that is the hard way. There is so much going on with learning to sing that, in my opinion, a talented teacher can speed up development by a lot. Otherwise it can be overwhelming, and easy to get sidetracked without help.

I highly recommend trying a few lessons with Eileen. She's helped my singing a lot, though of course there's always room to grow!

Value for moneythey are highly focused lessons
Service & supportextremely supportive personally
Qualitytop notch
Locationdepens where you live, but it's a 30 minute drive for me - not an issu
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • nearby and high stadards of excellence
  • none

Eileen changed my life actually. I came to her with a voice that needed training and compassion. I have learned so much from her and in the process my voice has grown as have I personally. She taught me how to let go of the music editor and to just sing. I have learned anatomy, physiology, sight reading skills and so much more. I now understand my self so much more as a musician and as a performer.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • effective and fun, not at all intimidating

I am Eileen's Sight-Reading Class Level 1 class this year and had a wonderful experience. I learned so much from Eileen about sight-reading and music. She is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, kind, and her classes are a real pleasure. I always look forward to going!

Value for moneytotally worth it
Service & supportwilling to give individual tips and support, emails you mp3 of class
Qualityvery impressive
Locationa leisurely 20 minutes from Hadley and so worth it!
Overall ratingExcellent

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