I promise to use it only to send you eNotes. Debbie Gruber's 'The Piano Express' is a valuable addition to the literature of piano pedagogy because it appeals to different learning styles. Students learn the keyboard, treble clef notation, and helpful shapes and diagrams of black & white key patterns add a tactile element.

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If you'd like to help support EasyPianoStyles.com and our free newsletter eNotes, please consider making a Donation. Thank you so much for your support! We'll keep those free lessons coming your way in 2018! Debbie Gruber here and here is my story. When I was in high school, I had been taking classical piano lessons for nine years. I really loved my teacher and enjoyed playing Mozart but I always felt something was missing and I yearned to play by ear and to play popular music. Well, one day, when I was a senior I wandered into the chorus room at Lexington High School (in Lexington, MA)during lunch hour and there was a girl sitting there playing the piano.

See you there! Every student (no experience necessary or even recommended) will have their own keyboard to play on. You will learn how to play one song in one night.