Find your place in the music at School of Rock Easton. We have a unique approach to learning music that helps kids blossom in unimaginable ways. Students are not only being taught an instrument they're learning to deal with life situations, building confidence, and becoming better people. At School of Rock Easton, learning music in a lesson room is just the beginning. We get kids playing on stage as quickly as possible, teaching them to play as soloists and as part of a team. This immersive method motivates them to be their best, helping them learn skills faster and more thoroughly. As both rockers and educators, School of Rock Easton's instructors are passionate about creating a legacy of music by helping your kids succeed in music and beyond. Visit School of Rock Easton today to learn more about our creative community.

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  • Music Lessons for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys and Vocals
  • Performance Based Music Education

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Products & Services

School of Rock's Performance Program is the premiere music education experience for young musicians.
Our Performance Program introduces teamwork and collaboration into music instruction by grouping them with other kids to put on real rock shows at real music venues. Students will learn harmonies, musicianship and how to perform in an authentic rock show environment

At School of Rock, kids just starting out will learn the fundamentals of playing a musical instrument in a fun and interactive group environment.
This program includes weekly private instruction with one of our awesome teachers and a weekly group rehearsal. Our Rock 101 directors specialize in working with younger students and typically play along with the kids. And our curriculum is the most classic of classic rock.

The School of Rock Rookies program inspires first and second graders to pursue music by channeling their inner rock stars. Young rockers learn pitch, rhythm and musical teamwork through musical games and group rehearsal of simple rock songs. This hour-long program is entirely group based, so kids learn how to play in a band right from the start. The program Includes one weekly group rehearsal where they will experience the magic of playing all of the major rock instruments: guitar, bass, keyboard/piano, drums, and vocals.

Once a student has a few shows under their belt, they may have the opportunity to audition for our most prestigious honor, The School of Rock AllStars. AllStars represent the best of the best students from our global network of schools. Each Summer the AllStars embark on a tour complete with tour buses and multiple live shows throughout the country.

We teach preschoolers in our Little Wing Program the creativity, confidence, and knowledge they need to grow into life-long lovers and practitioners of music. Music is the gateway to childrens growth, whether it's in the form of great friendships from shared musical experiences or the joy that comes from hearing inspirational songs for the first time.
Our Little Wing students enjoy a unique variety of music-minded games based on some of the most popular music in rock and roll history.

School of Rock is now enrolling for our Adult Performance Program where adult students get individual lessons on guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals along with weekly band rehearsals. Whether you are an experienced musician looking to get back on stage or just learning for the first time, it's time to grab your guitar, warm up those vocals, and prepare to rock.
With School of Rock's Adult Program, you will learn from our amazing staff of professional musicians, meet cool people, and take the stage at a great rock venue in your community.

Does your child want to learn how to play guitar, how to sing or how to play piano? You may assume traditional music lessons for kids are the best solution, but the School of Rock experience is a better alternative.
At School of Rock, private music lessons are just a piece of a larger experience. Students work independently with trained instructors and rehearse with a group of similar students, with the goal of performing on stage as soon as possible. Unlike strictly one-on-one music programs, this performance-based approach teaches teamwork, collaboration and confidence.

Customer Testimonials

You want your kid to be passionate about something, whether it be sports, scouts, dance or whatever. School of Rock does this for my son. We have discovered a talent we didn't know he had. My son would live at School of Rock if he could. We've already recommended the program to several friends.

When we decided to send our daughter to SOR, we never imagined what a positive impact that one decision would have on her life. She transformed from a shy, quiet kid to a confident, incredible musician, with an active social life and many close friends she considers her second family. The amazing memories she'll always have of touring and performing with the All-Stars at world-renowned venues and festivals are just icing on the cake.

School of Rock is the best thing we have done for our three children. They learn self-confidence, teamwork, and musicianship in an environment that is safe and free of the typical age-barrier restrictions that are often inherent in other student activities. The youngest and oldest kids in the school work together and everyone is an equal on stage. I wish other youth activities were as welcoming.

You are transforming my child into someone who knows that she "can." She doesn't hope for the "I can" anymore - she KNOWS she can now. Our daughter is learning how to come out of herself, take risks, close her eyes and just fly. We are so grateful. More than you can ever know.

Amazing program! Both of my daughters are in it and absolutely love it.

My son enjoys going to his lessons and the group practice. It's like the movie but without the Jack Black character - these folks know what they are doing.

I'm taking lessons on the keyboard. Really good place for lessons.

School of Rock allows kids to be there own person on stage and in the lesson rooms with their directors and teachers. Kids are encouraged to be themselves and pursue what they want to. I love this place.

The perfect opportunity for kids to grow musically, mentally and socially. So much more than just a music school.

It has been a great experience for our daughter. She has had exceptional instruction from all of the teachers. The opportunity to play with a whole band which has given her an opportunity to collaborate with other musicians and teaches the value of working as a group. It has given her a whole network of friends. She has gained self confidence to perform in front of a large audience. The School of Rock is a fun way for children to learn in a very fun environment.

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Stevie Nicks with School of Rock!
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We are working on a night-time Open Mic event for June...stay tuned!
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Come check out our great Easton facility and pop into a Rock 101 rehearsal (11:30a to 1:00p). Sat Apr 30 11a-2p
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4 years ago we did this... Robert T. Syvret on guitar and vocals
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School of Rock will be supporting!
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It's a THREEPEAT...Best Kids Music Instruction In The Lehigh Valley! Come check us out and stop in for a tour!
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Great rehearsal for Queen-the show is in May. Getting geared up for next season...Want in?
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Our Rox Vox vocal group will be performing before the Lehigh Valley Phantoms game tonight, God Bless America!
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