When Earl Jones began teaching guitar in 1975, he had four students. Not long after this inauspicious beginning he happened to read an article about a teacher in California who began with six students and speedily increased that number into the hundreds. Very encouraging for the struggling young instructor, but what really caught Earl's attention was the reason for this growth.

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  City Beulaville, NC
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I have taken guitar lessons for approximately 5 years with various instructors before I finally came to Earl Jones Music School early in 2016. I have learned more in 7 months than all of the prior years combined and my only regret is that I did not come to this school earlier. Earl Jones and his staff are professional in every aspect of their music instruction and touch virtually every kind of instrument in their scope of education. If you are a serious music student and want to learn, I would strongly recommend you contact Earl Jones Music School and explore your possibilities!

Private lessons for beginners or those who play a little and want to improve are $100.00 per month for one 30 minute lesson per week. For those interested in a career in professional music we offer The Academy of Professional Musicianship. We choose a select few students for placement in The Academy of Professional Musicianship. This is a specialized institute with curriculum written by highly esteemed professionals in the music industry. All of these people would agree that the one thing missing in aspiring musicians, singers, etc., can be summed up in one word, "Professionalism."