This way the student builds confidence progressing at a rate that works for them while enjoying learning the songs that most inspire them to want to play in the first place. I also do small group lessons as well and always offer a FREE first lesson to see if I'm the right teacher for your needs.

It has been proven time and time again that learning a musical instrument is great for your well being. It improves many aspects of your life. From helping you learn in areas of your life like Math and Science (you know the subjects most people dread to learn) as well as building confidence and self esteem within yourself.

Well for starters, there is no better instrument on the planet. Guitar is cool, portable, inexpensive compared to a lot of other instruments and is easy to get started learning. Whether you choose to learn electric or acoustic, there is a guitar for you.

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  City Denver , CO
  Zip Code 80226
  Address 98 Wadsworth Blvd., #127-168
  Phone Number (303) 552-1168

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Getting started on electric is a great way to go as well. But like the acoustic, it has itís ups and downs as well. The benefit to starting out on the electric is that it is far easier to get started forming chords. This is because the strings are lighter and closer to the fretboard. This allows the learning curve to be a bit shorter and progress to be a bit faster.

Guitar Teacher

Yes! As long as you can find one that fits your interests. If you can find a guitar teacher that fits your interests and you can make a great connection with, you will be able to progress in multiples of time. Not to mention youíll receive insider secrets that you wonít find in books or trying to learn online.


Getting started on acoustic has its benefits and drawbacks. The benefit is that it is less expensive to get started. You donít nee an amplifier and it can be played anywhere. Now days you can buy a starter pack that will give you everything you need to get going learning acoustic guitar. From the guitar to a tuner, case to cary it in and usually a DVD to get you taking your first steps.

Customer Testimonials

Dwayne, I really appreciate all the time youíve spent with me over the years teaching me the songs I want to learn. Iím happy to have you in my life.

Learning songs from Dwayne is a lot of fun. He shows up on time, he has lots of patience and is very professional. Glad to take lessons from him.

Having Dwayne in our lives has been a true blessing. He is great with the kids and Iíd recommend him to anyone interested in learning how to play the guitar. He has patience, professionalism and consistency. Highly recommended!!

Dwayne, thank you so much for all the great guitar lessons youíve taught me. You are an awesome teacher!


Dwayne plays Metallica Solo example

This video is of me playing the middle solo to the Four Horseman by Metallica. I truly think one of Kirk's best off this album. This is a example of what can be done when you learn scales, alternate picking, ear & eye training, through lots of practice & focus. Notice also at the end, the use of power chords. This whole song is awesome and utilizes alot of what made Metallica the metal monsters they are.

How to set up Guitar Effects Pedals This video lesson shows you a basic way to set up a few pedals. This lesson will allow you to develop an method to enhance your creativity.

Three pedals are presented. The Boss Tu-2 chromatic tuner. The Boss MT-2 Metal Zone distortion pedal and the Boss DS1 distortion pedal. These three pedals provide a wide variety of functions.

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In Home Lessons during the week throughout Arvada, Westminster, Lakewood & Denver. Saturday lessons are taught @The Music Education Center in Broomfield. Contact me for a 20% discount on your first month's lesson package. Send me a message on Facebook
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If you know someone who wants to learn guitar and is wondering if they should hire a guitar teacher, here's a post that will help answer that question.
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Hi everyone. Here's some more inf that might help you in your quest to be a better guitar player. Hope your having a wonderful day and have a safe weekend.
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Here's another cool song that's not too difficult to learn by Iron Maiden. Who sounded awesome by the way when I got to see them. Hope you enjoy and have a nice day.
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The other night I got a chance to see Iron Maiden entertain the masses in Denver CO at The Pepsi Center on April 14th. Must say, it was fantastic!!! Here are some clips from the show. Hope you like it.
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Hi everyone. I hope your having a great day. I got a chance to see Black Sabbath Live last week and they were amazing!!! Played all the favorites and some nice deep cuts too. I got some clips of a few songs. Let me know what you think? Hope your doing
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Hi everyone. How are you today? I hope doing well wherever you are and enjoying a beautiful day. I'm posting another short lesson about a question i get asked a lot about guitar. Which one is best to get started on? Well this video below might help to
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That doesn't look like a cigarette.
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