♫ Music Lessons.
♫ Denver, CO and Metro Area/ Front Range.
♫ Piano/ Drum Set, Tabla, & Percussion/ Guitar & Bass/ Theory & Improvisation.

My mission as an independent music teacher is to provide unique, high quality personalized private and group musical education services to people seeking beginning to advanced music instruction.

I enjoy sharing music through teaching and my style is a combination resulting from a love of creating music, thousands of hours on the bandstand, even more in the practice room, formal training by many incredibly gifted music teachers and mentors, as well as years of teaching private music lessons mostly for drum set and piano, but some tabla, guitar & bass, music theory and improvisation lessons for any instrument as well.

Lessons are $20 per half-hour session at my studio centrally located in the Santa Fe Art District.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Piano Tuning and Repair
  • Piano Lessons
  • Drum Set and Percussion Lessons

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Amarillo College
  • University of North Texas

Serviced Areas

  • Colorado

Payment Options

  • Cash Only, Personal Checks

Contact Details

  Person Dustin Adams
  City Denver, CO
  Zip Code 80204
  Address Santa Fe
  Phone Number (720) 295-8479

Business Representative

Dustin Adams

Independent Music Educator

Dustin Adams' musical personality is an amalgamation of a wide variety of influences, none of which he wishes to deny or extol at the expense of another. From his roots in punk rock to his Classical and Jazz training on piano and percussion, to his expedition into the vast universe of the Hindustani and Carnatic musical traditions of India, Adams is always finding ways to expand his musical horizon.

Products & Services

Drum Set, Percussion, and Tabla Lessons

$20 per 30 minute session

Drum lessons are fun, you will learn a lot, and taking lessons will make you a better drummer and musician. I have been teaching drum lessons since 2006 and have taught thousands of music lessons to people of all ages.

People taking lessons with me will develop the ability to read rhythmic music notation and gain stick control and technique on the snare drum. If a student has aspirations to play the drum set at an advanced level development of snare technique and rudiments should be a priority. The more control a person has when playing one drum, the more control he or she will have while playing a collection of multiple instruments.

The students develop duple and triplet based coordination between the hands and feet, as well learn economic principles of motion around the various components of the drum set. Having a solid foundation with respect to coordination is as essential to modern drum set playing as learning scales is to a melodic instrumentalist.

A variety of grooves and styles of playing will be developed. Students will gain exposure to and hopefully cultivate an appreciation for a variety of musical styles. Students will play along to music, learn how to read drum set charts, learn about musical form, and develop active listening, critical, and analytical thinking skills.

♫ How to play a variety of styles including rock, jazz, funk, latin, world, and more!
♫ How to read and write drum notation. If you can read music you can continue to teach yourself literally for the rest of your life!
♫ Four way drum set coordination, independence, and economy of motion.
♫ Principles of effective and efficient practice.
♫ How to play polyrhythms, odd time signatures, and metric modulation.
♫ Develop your drumming technique. Stick control, rudiments, working with a click track (metronome) .

Advanced topics and more!

Piano Tuning


♫ Basic Tune Up - $75.

I am a professional pianist and music educator and have been tuning my own and others' pianos for several years now. As a rule, a brand new piano should, depending on its location and climatic conditions, be tuned two to three times in the first year or two. An instrument played often and intensively could require additional tunings. This is a period of environmental adjustment for a new instrument, and proper attention is important.

After the first year, the piano should be tuned at least twice each year, depending upon the frequency of use and atmospheric conditions.

Piano Lessons

$20 per 30 minute session

Learning how to play piano is fun and challenging and can provide you a lifetime of enjoyment making music! A miniature orchestra unto itself, the piano is a versatile musical instrument suitable for solo performance as well as accompaniment to any number of other instruments or singers.

I teach lessons to people of all ages and abilities and my teaching style combines elements from traditional lessons like reading piano music, technical studies, music theory and ear training with learning how to play music by ear and what I consider most important, playing music with and for other people.

Lessons are customized to match each student's personal music goals and stylistic preferences. I help beginning pianists obtain a solid foundation and appreciation for music as well as assist more experienced pianists with advanced topics such as improvisation and composition. Let me help you help you unlock the mystery of those black and white keys!

♫ How to play, read, and write piano music!
♫ The music that you want to play!
♫ Jazz piano skills.
♫ How to improvise and compose music.
♫ How to read and play from lead sheets.
♫ Different styles of music. I work with each student to customize the lessons to fit their personal music goals and preferences.

Guitar and Bass Lessons

$20 per 30 minute session

♫ How to read, write, and play guitar and bass music tabulature and standard music notation. It's not as difficult as you may think although like any skill it does take practice!
♫ Your Scales and Chords!
♫ Picking and Finger-style techniques.
♫ How to read and interpret lead sheets. This skill is useful for performing with jazz, rock, pop, church, country groups, etc.
♫ Improvisation skills in a variety of musical styles. (Jazz, Rock, Blues, R&B, etc.)

Customer Testimonials

"I kid you not when I say that I have said (to myself and others) time and time again, I would take lessons again if someone like Dustin Adams was teaching them. I know I only did a handful of lessons with you, but I was learning so much, and you really worked to meet me at my level, and where I'm coming from as a musician, giving me the freedom to learn in the way that best suits me (visually, practically and by ear rather than just reading or learning songs)." Blake (piano)

Dustin has an enormous amount of musical talent and experience, which is present in the lessons. I believe this led to a deeper understanding of music. - Adam (drum set)

My daughter took piano lessons from Dustin. Her appreciation of music blossomed. She learned rhythm and continues to grow musically. - The Boswells (piano)

Dustin took a personal interest in me, showed great passion for music and I could tell he loved sharing that with me. I also really liked that he had two drum sets. Rufina (drum set)