Douglas Merritt is a Wilmington NC situated cello musician, who is ready to welcome you to the world of cello music. People say that it is very difficult to learn the cello, but you don't have to believe that. The cello lessons taught by Mr Merritt, will become an inspirational activity that will broaden the horizon of your musical knowledge and feeling. He can teach you the knowledge and provide you with inspiration, that will help you develop you own style of playing.

Douglas Merritt is different than any other Wilmington NC cello musician, for many reasons. One of them is the incredible professional dedication of our specialist. People often expect results from the first day, and if they see that everything remains the same, they lose spirits. Even though he is a professional cello player, Doug felt the same way once but patience and dedication have led him through the tough moments, raising him to a level only known to those who are eager to learn.

If you feel like your creativity needs a gentle nudge, Douglas Merritt will be more than capable of providing it for you. He will be more than happy to give you the cello lessons that will enlighten anyone who is eager to learn, regardless of their age. Whether you are young or mature, the Wilmington NC cello specialist will gladly provide you with everything you want to know. If you wish to practice confidentially, his private cello lessons are just what you need. You will be on your way of becoming a master cellist yourself!

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  Person Douglas Merritt
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Douglas Merritt

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The cello is a beautiful instrument. Let me teach you how to play it.