Each teaching program and each lesson is tailored to the individual student, but the basics are the same for everyone. In a lesson, you can expect to do some combination of the following things:
∑ Discuss questions/problems that have occurred during practice time;
∑ Do warm-up exercises;
∑ Play/sing music youíve been working on; receive comments and criticism, both positive and corrective; work on technique, musicality, and understanding of the pieces;
∑ Listen to recordings of music demonstrating techniques or concepts relevant to the music we are working on;
∑ Play/sing duets;
∑ Go over written work that may have been assigned from the last lesson;
∑ Discuss music theory concepts in the context of pieces you are working on;
∑ Sight read new music and exercises.

Lessons Will Include:
∑ The fundamentals of playing/singing, including posture, breathing and technique;
∑ Music theory, through oral discussion, in written exercises, and practical exercises;
∑ Exposure to a wide variety of repertoire and musical styles, including classical, jazz, folk and popular;
∑ Composition opportunities, creating and writing melodies and harmonies;
∑ Special music for holidays and according to each studentís interests.

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