Piano lessons, guitar lessons. In your home lessons available for select areas. Live music-piano-guitar, band, DJ and karaoke for your special funtions.

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  Person Sandy DiLeo
  City Foresthill, CA
  Zip Code 95631
  Address 21243 Oakwood ln
  Phone Number (530) 367-5357

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Sandy DiLeo

Classically trained at piano and teaching for over 30 yrs .Teaches improvising and playing by ear as well as reading if desired.

Customer Testimonials

As a piano teacher, and classroom music teacher I have always felt that exposure and experience is a key factor in learning. Very little is available for piano students to play from that forces them to play in the ''harder'' keys. I learned this skill from my piano teacher, who gave me just tons of sight-reading material to play weekly. She would find any and every book that had easy music to play, written in all the ''odd '' keys.

So when I saw your endeavor to make a piano book that had nice pieces to play, and in all the keys, I WAS VERY PLEASED. I enjoyed playing them myself. They are creative and have good skills to develop built into them. Any piano teacher will see their advantage immediately upon reading through this book.

I don't know if PIANO TEACHERS will grasp this valuable concept, but the students will need to be versed in all the keys, to be a competent player. I know that when I transpose while I play, or come across sight-reading challenges, I draw on my abiltity to be versed in the key that I am playing in. I would recommend that every student have this book of music in their library for present and FUTURE playing pleasure for keeping skills alive.