I teach both piano improvisation and vocal lessons. For piano improvisation, we will focus on broadening your artistry through chords. Keep in mind this isn't classical training but ideal for songwriters, making cover songs, and playing with a band. In the vocal lessons we will use the Art of Bel Canto technique to enhance and strengthen your voice. Learn to maintain the health of your voice as you increase its range and color.

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  • Piano, Vocal & Singing Lessons!

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Danielle Olivia

Music Teacher

As a granddaughter of a famous opera singer and an actress from China, one would think I'd easily and quickly find my talent. Growing up I took lessons in the piano, clarinet, trumpet, guitar, and percussion but to no avail. With much anger and tears I'd practice my exercises for hours, hating anything and everything that had to do with music until I was introduced to piano improvisation. Piano improv gave me the motivation and freedom to create music that came from the depths of my soul that I never knew existed. The healing and beautiful power of notes and melodies became real to me. Music came alive.

My goal is to help you discover, perfect, and mold your talent so you can share your blessing with others. It's a dark world out there; only you have the power to radiate a beauty and hope that is uniquely your own.