We began as a very tiny studio and have expanded to become one of the most comprehensive Dance & Music Studios in the Merrimack Valley. Within our Merrimack Valley Dance and Music School, our students vary from 2.9 years old to adults. As a parent, we realize that you have the choice between some different dance and music schools.

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  City Methuen, MA
  Zip Code 01844
  Address 468 Merrimack Strt
  Phone Number (978) 975-2685

As a previous dancer/gymnast with over 14 years of training, I chose Dance Images Dance Center for my 3 year old daughter's starting school. I mainly chose this studio due to the fact it was so close to our home. I never read any reviews, as I felt qualified enough to make my own determination as to whether a dance studio could offer my daughter what I knew she already exceled at age two. Call me cheap, but regardless of Dance Images Dance Center being close by, I wanted my money's worth & would have no problem moving her to another dance studio, miles away. I purposely held off enrolling my daughter into any dance instruction until she was well out of diapers & after I taught her many of the basics, i.e. 1st-5th ballet foot & arm positions, etc. So, in a nutshell, my expectations for any studio to take her on at such a young age, were high. I didn't want my daughter in classes that only repeated all I taught her on my own. As it turned out, Dance Images Dance Center did not let me down. NOT AT ALL. This studio has truly exceeded my high standard of expectations & then some. Dance Images has some of the most highly qualified instructors I've ever seen. They don't only teach your child to the best of their potential, these instructors truly LOVE your child! In return, your child is learning the proper technique, form & the ever changing dance styles. My daughter is going on her 8th year at Dance Images Dance Center now & I couldn't remove her from there even if I wanted to. And I never would. She LOVES it there. Children know best & to witness the joy in their eyes, especially at the recitals, is nothing to mess with in this day and age. She's happy, I'm happy and that's all that counts. Dance Images Dance Center is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!