My studio is located on Rt. 122 in Amherst, NH. Lessons are $15 per 30 minute lesson. I can also combine guitar and voice instruction. I specialize in teaching beginners of all ages!

So you want to take guitar lessons?

GOOD FOR YOU! Playing guitar is one of the most rewarding skills anyone can learn. Once you learn how to play guitar and maybe sing a bit, you can do all kinds of fun things.

* You can play the songs you love for your own enjoyment.
* You can impress your friends (no matter what your age!)
* You can join a band and play venues, coffee houses, and even on recording sessions.

Once you learn how to play the guitar, a whole new world of fun, enjoyment, and fulfillment opens up for you. And you don't have to be a guitar expert. Just knowing some chords and how to play a few of your favorite songs can take you a long, long way.

I teach each student differently depending on their level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), their age (kids, teens, adults), and the kinds of music they're interested in (rock, blues, country, metal, acoustic, etc.)

Usually with children, I'll start them off learning how to read basic music, how to form simpler chords, and how to play a few songs that all kids know and like. It's a great way to give your child a good foundation in music and get them started on the guitar and singing without letting them get bored or discouraged.

Teens and adults usually want to get right into playing songs. And that's perfectly OK. For beginners, I teach basic chords and rhythm patterns you need to play rhythm guitar. I've known a great many guitar players who only progressed this far and play all kinds of music and shows. Then we'll cover some fingerpicking techniques and get you started on some of the things you need to know to play fills and solos.

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  Person Curly Jones
  City Amherst, NH
  Zip Code 03031
  Address 54 Ponemah Road
  Phone Number (603) 233-5850

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Curly Jones

I live in Amherst, NH on Route 122 in the big yellow house across from the Ponemah Greens golf course. I have four kids ranging from 9 to 22. They all play instruments.

I have a B.A. degree in music and a Master's in Humanities (of which music is a part.) But like a lot of people, I learned mostly by doing.

I've taken years of guitar, voice, piano, and french horn lessons (my instrument when I was a kid.) I played bass in bands in the 70s. I played keyboard in a band in San Francisco in the 80s and had an album that got radio airplay nationwide. I've written over 100 songs including the score for a public TV documentary. I also spent many years working in radio and TV, so I know the recording industry from first hand experience. When my older kids got to be in middle and high school, we formed a rock/punk band with me on guitar and played over 100 shows. You may be familiar with CURLY'S COFFEE, the all-age music venue we had in Amherst for a while. Now my older kids are off to college and I've started playing lots of bluegrass, country, and roots rock jams. It's a fun way to learn even more about the guitar.

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Curly makes learning guitar easy and i made a lot of progress.

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