I'm Corey Rubin, entertainer, teacher, and recording artist with an abundance of talent and professionalism to share. My roots with music stretch back 24 years since I picked up my 1st guitar. My love and addiction for this industry have turned this into my sole means of support. Teaching for twenty years has created a wonderful outlet to share with others what I hold dear to my heart.

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  City Spring Hill, FL
  Zip Code 34606
  Address 7216 Davenport Lane
  Phone Number (352) 683-8008

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I have been taking guitar lessons with Corey for three years. While he has taught me to play, he has also taught me much about patience and persistence. There have been many times when I have been frustrated because I felt I wasn't very good and every time he would address my issues with humor and understanding. Corey has not given up on me and he has not allowed me to given up on myself. I just wanted to let you know that we have really enjoyed your presence whenever we come to Sam Ash for my children's music lessons.

As a musician and Lesson Coordinator, I have had the privilege to meet, communicate, learn, share, and perform with some of the finest musicians, educators and community leaders locally and nationally. I not only respect them as leaders in their fields, but more importantly as people with great vision and direction. Thank you for being my teachers, mentors, and people that I look up too.

As people we expect ourselves to have some ability to play music without being taught, or any training. Why? Without the proper foundation or building blocks, expecting to succeed in doing something well is improbable. With music being an art form, there is no right or wrong but there are proper skills that will absolutely help you achieve your goals. Step by step, learning to crawl before we walk, is essential to all of our success.