Having learned from the top names in the music industry over 32 years, we offer personalized instruction in songwriting, guitar, voice, piano, percussion, recording/production, Midi, performance coaching, and the music business . Our instructors, Bill Pere and Kay Pere, are nationally known award-winning songwriters, performers, and instructors in all aspects of the craft and business of contemporary songwriting and performance. Bill is the author of the international songwriting reference guide "Songcrafters' Coloring Book: The Essential Guide to Effective and Successful Songwriting", and his articles have appeared in many international music industry publications.
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  • We are the ORIGINAL source for many of the songwriting techniques widely taught today.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • President, CT Songwriters Association
  • Founder and Chair of the LUNCH Program (www.lunchensemble.com)
  • MBTI Certified

Serviced Areas

  • Northeast (in-person), Internationally via Internet

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  Person Bill Pere
  City Mystic, CT
  Zip Code 06355
  Address PO Box 511
  Phone Number (860) 572-9285

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Bill Pere


With a 30 year career in the music business, Bill is named "One of the Top 50 Innovators, Groundbreakers and Guiding Lights of the Music Industry" by Music Connection Magazine. The New York Times calls him "the link between music and science". Bill is the author of the internationally acclaimed "Songcrafters' Coloring Book:The Essential Guide to Effective and Successful Songwriting, and he is often a judge and critiquer for several national and international songwriting and performance competitions. More at www.billpere.com

Bill is President and Executive Director of the Connecticut Songwriters Association, and is an Official Connecticut State Troubadour. He is the 2003 IMC Indie Artist of the Year. His internationally published articles on the craft of songwriting appear in numerous industry publications. Bill has worked with the top names in the music industry for the last 30 years.

Bill is well known as a songwriter for his tightly crafted lyrics, and has recorded and released 15 CD's. Bill is the Founder of Local United Network to Combat Hunger (LUNCH) using popular music to raise almost $1,000,000 for hunger relief and social services. He does workshops around the country on how to jumpstart your career by targeting your songwriting and partnering with the non-profit sector. As Executive Director of the Connecticut Songwriting Academy, Bill works to help aspiring songwriters and performers reach their goals.

Bill also teaches guitar, music theory, percussion and music production. His 16 CDs are in worldwide distribution.

Customer Testimonials

" I can't tell you how impressed I was with how knowledgeable you are and your way of making the material comprehensible " -- George David Weiss, hit songwriter and past President, Songwriters Guild of America

"I've just been reading your book. I love your style and creativity. It really puts into perspective how people actually think. A great read" Dennis Sinnott, Music Industry Consultant, former EMI Executive, author of "Masters of Songwriting" and the Music Tip Sheet

"Bill is one of the few teachers to emerge in the last 20 years who understands all these aspects of songwriting and is willing to share the knowledge with others." -- John Braheny, author "The Craft and Business of Songwriting"

"Bill Pere embodies the link between music and science" -- The New York Times

"Your workshop changed my life! After perusing the website, I have an entirely new look on my music, the craft of writing, and my future direction" -- C.D.,Conference attendee --Readers and workshop attendees

" Your workshop was the best hour of my life as a songwriter! You turned on many light bulbs and made it all so clear." -- C.Senski, IMC Attendee Northampton MA, 2009

"I looked through your book last night. I have to say it is definitely the best investment I've made at this conference!" -- attendee, Indiegrrl Conference, Nashville, 2009

"To describe your work as a 'book' falls far short of its worthiness. A more accurate description would be a treatise on the art of songwriting. Congratulations are in order." V. Vergilio, Ph D, Music Education (NY)

I finally have gotten through my "To Read" pile and have started your book. I am loving it! You and I are definitely on the same page when it comes to the "crafting" of the song. I love your illustrations and the intelligent presentation. You are an amazing teacher. -- Mary Dawson, Author, "How to Get Somewhere in the Music Business From Nowhere with Nothing"

"I could listen to you analyze songs all day. You can pick out such fine details, and always get right to the core of what matters most in the song." Karen Reynolds, hit songwriter and host of Writers Block Radio (TN)

"In all the music conferences I've been to, I've never heard anyone talk the way you do about a song, with such insight and detail. I wish there were more of that" -- Eric de Fontenay, Founder and Director, MusicDish Network

" It was a pleasure to be in your workshops. Your grasp of the material and your ability to articulate it made it quite enjoyable" -- Ron Sowell, Founder of Mountain Stage Radio Show and the New Song Contest

"I am a published songwriter and member of the NSAI. Most of the songwriting articles that I have found on the internet are elementary. I found yours to be insightful and challenging, and comparable to a graduate course for songwriters. Keep up the great work. " -- J. D. , published songwriter and member NSAI

"Your material is essential reading for songwriters as far as I m concerned. I have applied the concepts to my own songwriting and I know it has improved it. The way you have laid out the concepts is quite creative and gives everyone a great visual of the process. I ll be buying the book." -- Mark Miller, songwriter and author of "Blogging in B minor"

"I have never been captivated by a textbook like I was by this one and when I saw that Bill was conducting a songwriters retreat in Connecticut, I knew this was an event I definitely wanted to attend. The weekend was everything I had hoped for and more. After reading his book and attending his workshop, I have a great respect for Bill Pere as an artist and a teacher." -- Cecilia Dahl, singer -songwriter, Boston, MA

"I've been working my way through your book and I'm very impressed by your idea regarding sending the audience away with what you want them to get versus them making their own meanings. Being an English Major, I've always wanted to use a technique like that in literary criticism" -- S. Klopfenstein, California

"You are an excellent communicator. You make things so clear." -- B. Dahl, Northampton, MA workshop attendee, 2009

"There is a TON of information in your book -- most books I read, but your book I STUDY!" -- V. Stevens, singer-songwriter, Founder, Purple Song Project