Guitar Lessons in Columbia, Maryland and the Columbia Guitar Studio have been synonymous since 1985. David Reynolds has directed players to participate in degree programs across the country and if there is a rock band in Howard County then one of the members has possibly taken guitar lessons at the Columbia Guitar Studio.

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  City Columbia, MD
  Zip Code 21044
  Address 5580 Vantage Pt Road
  Phone Number (410) 730-0092

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When I began Columbia Guitar Studio in 1986 I based my teaching on the notion of providing patient, high-quality teaching at a price just al little bit lower than the local music store. Thirty years later, I am happy to report the studio has helped hundreds of would-be players realize their playing potential. Everyday at CGS metal guitarists shred, banjo players frail, bassists slap and pop and young classical guitarists phrase their way through four-hundred years of repertoire. All these endeavors are motivated by a strong commitment to elements of technique, musicianship, and repertoire.

Traditional American American instruments have a special place in out hearts at CGS. A world of traditional American music awaits those who aspire to play it. The strong environment of technique, musicianship, and broad repertoire that makes our guitar community strong is carried into the world of banjo, mandolin and ukulele. Ukulele is a popular option for young people wanting a different path than traditional guitar lessons but who still want to gain technical and note-reading skills. Banjo players thrive at CGS.

Developing proper technique and basic musicianship puts you into the middle of four hundred years of classical repertoire. The Baltimore Classical Guitar Society and Peabody Conservatory make the Baltimore area on of the best in the world to cultivate your love of classical guitar. The Columbia Guitar Studio facilities ensemble opportunities geared to your level of play.

Electric Blues from Chicago merge into a thousand shades of rock. Twenty-five years of Guitar Techniques Magazine give students sheet music and backing tracks to the best music of 50 years of electric guitar. Country chicken picnin' through neoclassical shred, CGS offers electric players room to grow. CGS has archived the music and backing tracks found in the popular magazine since 1992 providing hundreds of accurate tabs and backing tracks available to the student for study. Just check out the possibilities!

Whether you are a High School student who needs to learn to comp jazz chords, or a seasoned player ready to renegotiate the ii-V-I chord progression, CGS offers a methodical approach to improvement. Players from the studio have been accepted into programs at Peabody Conservatory, Berklee School of Music and then New School of Music.

If it has steel strings, you can learn to pick, pluck, slap, tap and fretspank it. FIngerstyle blues, bluegrass flat-picking, percussive techniques, and chord accompaniment styles are all at your fingertips. Just because you want to play the steel string guitar is no reason you can't enjoy the same skill building techniques and strategies put to use by the classic guitarists. From the traditional blues music of Mississippi John Hurt and Reverend Gary Davis through to the percussivetechniques of Stacy McKee and Sungha Jung, CGS gives guitarists a chance to explore the long tradition of acoustic guitar.