Cockeysville Music Education Center is a lesson studio that caters to each student on an individual basis. We provide private instructions directly suited to your needs and abilities. We offer lessons in all styles of both guitar and piano playing. Whether you are a beginner of any age, or a more advanced player looking to hone your skills, we can help!

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  • Guitar lessons, piano lessons

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  • Cockeysville, Hunt Valley, Timonium, Lutherville, Sparks, Monkton, Towson, Reisterstown, Owings Mills, Perry Hall, Phoenix

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  • Personal Checks

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  Person Cecelia Prinkey
  City Cockeysville, MD
  Zip Code 21030
  Address 123 Church Lane
  Phone Number (410) 666-2007

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Cecelia Prinkey


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Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons

Cockeysville Music Education Center is a lesson studio offering individualized piano and guitar instruction in a friendly, welcoming environment. We help students of all ages and levels explore music and develop their interests. Whether you are a beginner needing basics, or an advanced player wishing to hone your skills, we are happy to help! Our private lesson setting allows us to accommodate your individual needs and development.

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A really great studio! Cecelia is top-notch, tailoring her instruction to the interests of her students, while still covering the fundamentals of what they need to learn. My children enjoy chatting with her and she has such a great rapport with them! She encourages and motivates them, too.

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Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

This is one great place to learn music! The teachers are amazingly knowledgable and supper friendly. I am taking Guitar lessons and loving every minute. Dose not matter what I want to learn, my teacher Lee Lee is excited to help me learn it. Good parking and great location. I highly recommend this place!

Cecelia is a wonderful teacher and very patient.


An Introduction to Cockeysville Music Education Center

Cockeysville Music Education Center is a collaborative music school that offers the best in piano and guitar for it's students.

We made this video so that any future students, curious hobbyists or simply neighbors, would know what we offer and who we are.

Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment!

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If you're not familiar with Anderson and Roe, you should be! Even though the new Spirio piano does a lot of the work in this video - check out their other videos as well, they are a truly wonderful duo!
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Check out this clip from a Science Channel show on how the piano works!
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From Our Website

The Suzuki Piano Method provides piano lessons based on the philosophy that any student who is properly nurtured can learn to play the piano beautifully and grow in their love of music. Encouragement and enthusiasm from caring parents and teachers create a positive environment that breeds a successful child. The Suzuki method parallels learning an instrument with the way a child learns to speak his native tongue. Your child learned to speak by hearing language in his environment, and then copying those sounds until they became words, sentences, and eventually fluent speech.

An acoustic piano is both an instrument and a beautiful piece of furniture. And a necessary tool for piano lessons. Keeping your instrument in top working condition is key to successful practice and learning. The furniture portions of the instrument (any wood you can see) should be cared for like any other furniture. Normal dusting and the occasional wood polish will be all that's required to keep it looking wonderful! Scratches, mars, or water stains can be treated just as you would for any other fine furniture.

The First step in this restring a guitar lesson is to buy the correct strings for your guitar. There are acoustic guitars and electric guitars. For acoustic guitars you can have nylon or steel strings. It is not a good idea to remove all six strings at once because the sudden change of tension on the neck and bridge isn't good for the instrument. It's recommended to change either the three treble (thinnest) strings followed by the three bass (thickest) strings. Better yet, change strings one at a time, that's what many professional musicians do.

Acoustic guitar pickups are devices that capture, or pick up, the vibrations from stringed instruments and convert them to an electrical signal that can be broadcast and amplified. We'd like to offer a few tips on how to choose an acoustic guitar pickup. There are numerous types and brands of acoustic guitar pickups available, at varying prices. Do your research online to see what you think will work for you, and weigh the pros and cons of each. Before you purchase a pickup, see if you can try out acoustic guitar pickups where you take your guitar lessons, try one your friend uses, or even take one for a test drive at your local music supply shop.

Buying a guitar is an exhilarating experience. Whether it's your first one or if it's one to add to the collection, there are a few things to consider when selecting the right guitar. First, we need to know what types of guitars are out there. Most people are familiar with electric guitars and acoustic guitar, but not all guitars are the same. We'll start with nylon-string acoustic guitars. These typically have smaller bodies and wider nut width (which means the strings are further apart from each other).

Kris Faatz offers piano lessons at Cockeysville Music to students of all ages. Kris has been a piano teacher for ten years and has been on the faculty of Cockeysville Music since the summer of 2008. She received Bachelors degrees in music and engineering from Swarthmore College and a Master's degree in piano performance and pedagogy from the Peabody Conservatory, where she studied with Brian Ganz. While at Peabody, Kris served as an accompanist in the choral, orchestral and opera programs, and received a Dean's Grant and the Pauline Favin Memorial Award for piano performance.

So you want to start piano lessons! Purchasing a piano for lessons is a big and exciting investment, and the more you know about it, the better the decision you can make about which instrument is correct for you! If you're not sure about anything you read here, please feel welcome to call our studio. If you make an appointment to stop by, any of our teachers will be happy to demonstrate for you on the instruments we have here. We DO NOT sell instruments or endorse any particular brand. We'd just be happy to help our community become more informed buyers.

Guitar Lessons are a great way for beginners to get acquainted with music or for more experienced players to polish their skills or explore a new musical avenue. Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons, or more advanced lessons if you already play, this is the perfect instrument for the curious student. From Bach to Jimi Hendrix to tomorrow's big hit, the guitar sounds great in any musical style. Since almost every culture in the world has developed instruments much like the guitar, there's no limit to the musical exploring you can do once you learn how to play guitar!