Hello, my name is Dennis Whitt, Guitar instructor for Classic Folk Guitar.

I offer acoustic guitar lessons online via Skype. Lessons include important playing techniques for beginners such as chords and strumming patterns, fingerpicking techniques and more.

Once you've learned the basics I'll teach you how to play classic folk songs like Kumbaya, Scarborough Fair and This Land is Your Land.. GET YOUR FIRST LESSON FOR FREE! I am now offering a free Skype guitar lesson for new students. Learn more by visiting my website at: www.classicfolkguitar.com.

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  Person Dennis Whitt
  City Millstone, KY
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  Phone Number (606) 375-8021

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Dennis Whitt

Guitar Instructor-Owner

My name is Dennis Whitt-guitar instructor for Classic Folk Guitar. I have been playing the guitar for over 50 years and teaching for more than thirty! Over the years I've taught hundreds of students how to play guitar. Now it's your turn!

Customer Testimonials

If you would like to learn guitar from someone who has passionately and tirelessly pursued his craft for over 50 years and, equally important, has the heart and patience to teach others – Dennis would be a really great choice.

Guitar lessons with Dennis Whitt took my playing from being an amateur “open stage” night player to being a paid professional guitarist, where I traveled the club circuit performing at hotels, night clubs and restaurants, as well as local TV shows.

Dennis was my first Guitar Instructor. He is very knowledgeable, patient, and has a variety of learning formats for all ages, player levels, and personalities. He works with you in a way you can grow at your own pace. As you begin to grasp the basics, he will begin to help you find your playing style/genre and focus your lessons on what you like and enjoy, never losing track of the fundamentals. After years of playing, I have had the privilege to play with Dennis. If you are looking to find an instructor that will work with you, Dennis is the instructor for you.


Skype Guitar Lessons

In this video Skype Guitar Lessons instructor Dennis Whitt explains how to signup for Skype guitar lessons at www.skypeguitareessons.online. The video also includes an audio sample of Dennis Whitt playing the guitar and singing "Hey Jude" by the Beetles and "Fire & Rain" by and James Taylor

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From Our Website

My name is Dennis Whitt I teach folks like you who want to learn folk guitar but are frustrated by the focus on rock music in most guitar classes. If it's folk guitar lessons you want, now there's no need to compromise. I offer one-on-one lessons over the Internet, at times that are convenient to you, no matter where you happen to live. If you're a beginning guitarist, I'll cover such topics as how to tune your guitar, basic chords and strumming patterns, folk guitar fingerpicking techniques and how to read guitar tab.

If you're like me, you love the folk music of the Sixties, when folksingers like Peter, Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, Judy Collins, Phil Ochs and Tom Paxton played the music that defined an era. If you're nostalgic for the great music that rose up from the folk tradition and became known as "The American Folk Music Revival"- then you'll want to pick up a guitar and experience the pleasure of playing that music yourself. Whether you used to play guitar back in the day, or you're a first-time guitar student, I'll teach you the folk music you love in the comfort of your home, direct from my home in Kentucky.