After years of teaching at traditional music academies, we were inspired to provide a more convenient opportunity for our students. In 2013, we founded Cincinnati Strings with one goal in mind: provide the highest quality violin lessons. We truly believe in the power of music education, and we strive to make that process as simple and convenient as possible.

Since our start as a small violin studio, we have expanded to include piano and cello lessons. The demand was so high in Cincinnati, we knew there was a need for top notch, in-home lessons across the country. We are proud to be collaborating with a group of fantastic professionals across the country. Each of our Local Directors are accomplished musicians and teachers who share our vision of simple, high quality music lessons.

Our experienced teachers come to your home once a week to provide individualized instruction based on your child’s unique needs and goals. Lessons in the home provide a comfortable and relaxed environment conducive to optimal learning and allow your child to excel without missing a beat. With experienced teachers, frequent recitals, optional group classes and instrument rental, we bring the complete music academy experience directly to your doorstep.

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Violin Lessons

Violin Lessons

Students aged 3 and up can start violin lessons in their home at any time with City Strings & Piano. The Suzuki method is a popular choice, especially for younger children. Our teachers are experienced in a variety of methods and with students of all ages and skill levels.

At City Strings & Piano, we are dedicated to fit music into your life. Our teachers are not only experienced, but also friendly and engaging. We are committed to making violin lessons work for your schedule and helping you or your child meet your specific goals. We offer violin and equipment rental and sales in your home, taking the hassle out of lesson preparation.

Viola Lessons

Viola Lessons

City Strings & Piano was founded by viola players and we are committed to great viola lessons. Violin and viola are very similar, but there are unique differences that can only be taught by players with experience on the instrument. Whether your child is a beginning or advanced viola player, we will match you with an experienced viola teacher and performer.

Viola lessons in your home are not only convenient for you, but also provide a comfortable environment for your child's lessons. Our teachers get to know the family and practice environment, both of which can be helpful for success. They are also friendly and relaxed in lessons, which helps make viola fun!

Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

Our piano teachers love to make lessons fun for your child! Having lessons in the home is convenient for you and it's great for the teacher to get to know your child's piano, practice environment and family. Not only are our teachers talented performers and experienced educators, but they are also friendly and warm, dedicated to fitting music into your life. They always teach individualized lessons with your child's goals in mind.

Piano lessons are a great way to introduce music to children or start a new hobby as an adult. Our instructors teach students of all ages and ability levels using a variety of popular methods.

Cello Lessons

Cello Lessons

The cello is a compelling instrument for children and adults alike. You can start cello lessons with City Strings & Piano at any time and from as young as 3 years old. We offer Suzuki and traditional methods of cello instruction and your lessons will be designed with your unique goals in mind. Our teachers travel to your home to make lessons as convenient as possible. Not only are they great performers and teachers, but they are fun and friendly people dedicated to fitting music into your life!

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My daughter takes cello lessons from Courtney and our whole family has enjoyed having her as a weekly visitor. I second Katie's review - Courtney is professional, knowledgeable, and all-around easy to work with. The individualized instruction in Suzuki method has been really helpful for my daughter since her previous experience was school orchestra.

She enjoyed participating in a packed-out recital this past year and is preparing to audition for the local youth orchestra now, at Courtney's suggestion. I appreciate the connections Courtney has to the larger music community and her encouragement to us to get involved in it. It's also been great working with Cara on payment and other administrative details - quick response time, clear communication.

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Customer Testimonials

I started learning cello a few months ago. As an adult, I needed a teacher who could be flexible and patient with my learning style. I'm not a middle school kid learning music for band. CS&P gave me a great teacher who comes to my house each week and who is flexible enough to accommodate schedule changes due to my job. But more importantly, my progress has been above my own expectations. My teacher makes it fun to learn and practice daily injecting the right amount of music theory as we go along so I can play increasingly complex music. And since I enjoy learning technique and scales a lot, we focus more on that rather than learning simplified songs for my level. Ultimately this strategy will pay off and has already made me a better cellist student than I could have expected. I highly recommend the school in general and my teacher in particular.

Excellent service
City strings accommodated all my needs for home violin lessons.
The teacher is very professional and I am very happy with how everything is working out.

City Strings has been great. My daughter (who is in 8th grade) has been taking cello lessons with Courtney since November. Courtney teaches the Suzuki method where as my daughter has been learning essential elements in school since 4th grade. By practicing the Suzuki method, she feels like her technique has improved and it's been a satisfying challenge for her. The fact that we can have lessons at home with City Strings was the reason I went with them. We have a set time/evening for the lesson and the few times it doesn't work, Courtney has been flexible and we've moved the lesson to a time that works for all of us. I highly recommend City Strings- especially Courtney. She is professional, full of knowledge, and is just amazing.