The Christopher Laughlin School of Music is a great place to take music lessons! But don't take our word for it, ask around -- if you live in or near Northbrook, IL chances are you already know one or more of our students. Our private lesson program -- we provide private lessons in guitar, piano, violin, viola, cello, bass, and voice.

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  City Northbrook, IL
  Zip Code 60062
  Address 1955 Raymond Drv # 113
  Phone Number (847) 205-4689

From Our Website

The Christopher Laughlin School of Music offers the highest quality music education to students of all ages and levels. Our instructors are accomplished professionals who live the joy of music every day, and inspire their students to be creative and express themselves through music.

Our private lesson billing is by semester. You may start or stop lessons at any time. If you begin lessons after the start of a semester, or discontinue lessons before the end of a semester, your bill is pro-rated accordingly. Students are expected to attend all lessons and classes for which they are registered. Notification of a lesson cancellation by the student is a courtesy to the teacher but does not excuse payment for the lesson. Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will not be made up.

It's great to start at a young age! Have you ever wondered why it'sso easy for young children to learn more than one language? Yamaha introduces music fundamentals to children at the time when their hearing capabilities are developingrapidly. Make your own music! With Yamaha's comprehensive approach, kids develop musical sensitivity, imagination, and the ability to express themselves freely. Yamaha students learn to play and read music on a high level and also learn to create their own music!

Private lessons are generally scheduled on weekdays between 3:00 - 9:00 PM as well as Saturdays between 9:00 and 5:00 PM. Available private lesson times change frequently and are not published on-line. To schedule private lessons you may fill out the registration formon our Lesson/Class Request Formpageand we will contact you to schedule a time. Or you may call us at 847 205 4689 to discuss scheduling options. Note: You may start or stop private lessons at any time, and your tuition will be pro-rated accordingly.

Children ages 4 - 12 can learn piano in a group setting through our Yamaha Music Education System classes. This is where it all begins! If you've never played guitar before, or if you have, but it's been so long you can't quite remember which hand you strum with, then this is a great opportunity to get started. Classes will focus on learning melodies, basic chords, strumming patterns, tuning, and keeping time in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Students grouped by age. Classes meet once a week for eight weeks.

We offer a 30-minute introcuctory private lesson for $20 (new students only, excludes voice lessons). If you are interested in scheduling an introductory lesson or just want to find our more about our programs please fill out our Lesson/Class Request Form. We will contact you to discuss scheduling options and complete your registration.

At the CLSM we strive to provide each student with a positive and effective learning experience. Before scheduling private lessons, we like to speak with each student, or their parents, to help choose which teacher and lesson time will be the best fit for them based on the student's learning style and expectations. We believe the few minutes spent discussing the student's needs and our school's offerings results in a better learning experience for each of our students. Please feel free to browse our website to learn more about our faculty and all of the programs we offer at our school.