I teach all levels-ages of Violin using the Suzuki Method for beginners, standard repertoire and technical development for advanced students. I also teach Beginning Piano for both Adults and Children, using Alfred's Basic's and the Bastein Method respectively.

My students are taught practice skills in the forms of games that improve results, require shorter practice sessions and deepens their understanding of how music works. It requires a daily commitment to be effective, which is why having a consistent practice time in your schedule is pertinent!

All my students know that I am here to help them and they do not have to be afraid to come to lesson. I always tell them that if they already knew how to play, I'd be out of a job!

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  • Masters & Bachelors in Violin Performance
  • 20 years Teaching and Orchestra Experience

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  • Suzuki Certified 1A,1B, 2, 3, 4.

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  Person Carols Music Studio
  City Skokie, IL
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  Address Old Orchard Ct.
  Phone Number (847) 644-1445

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Carols Music Studio

My teaching style is structured in a way to help the student achieve 100% success for each step. This is a "painless" way to learn; building confidence and the desire to learn more. These are the skills needed to face the "real world". You can see the student's confidence at the recitals. There has never been any tears shed, only smiling faces!

I earned both my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Violin Performance from De Paul University. After college I played professionally for many years with orchestras in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Missouri. I have played quartet, chamber music, opera, musicals, ballet and so many Nutcrackers that I can still hear them in my sleep!

The beginning of my teaching career took off after I attended the Suzuki Institute at Stevens Point Wisconsin. I took multiple Teacher-Training classes during the summer to learn Dr. Suzuki's philosophy and how to teach the Suzuki Method. On top of that, I had to study child development literature to see what children are capable of at different ages. The Suzuki Method puts emphasis on understanding how the child thinks-feels-communicates and to encourage character development as well.

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Customer Testimonials

I am an adult student and started lessons with Carol at age 42. I am living proof that you are never too old to learn the violin! The thing I appreciate most about Carol is her flexibility with my practicing schedule. With the responsibilities of an adult, I am not always able to practice as much as I would like. Carol is always kind and patient with me. This makes my hobby a true joy.

"Carol is a wonderful teacher who makes learning to play the violin exciting and fun. Both my daughters always look forward to their lessons and the games that Carol uses to help motivate them. They love playing duets with her, when she plays her violin or keyboard with them."

"Carol excels at working with kids. Her ability to make them laugh and teach them at the same time can turn the torment of learning to play into fun. They don't even notice they're learning! She knows how to break down the hard parts and keep down the frustration. With her endless helpful strategies for motivating kids to practice and play, she's a great help to parents too. If you want your kids to learn an instrument, do it the fun way!"

"Carol is a great teacher for kids who are just starting out with piano, because she makes it fun and focuses on music as an enjoyable experience. She encourages her students to be enthusiastic about playing and has a very "child-friendly" atmosphere with stickers, coloring, etc., and even a few bunnies and hamsters around! My daughter is wildly enthusiastic about playing the piano, and I know a lot of that is because of Carol. "

"We've been with Carol for almost 6 years. My older daughter started both piano and violin since she was 4 1/2 years old. My little one started piano last year when she was 6 years old. They are always looking forward to come to the lessons. Carol always makes lesson fun and has challenging ways to make them practice. She's not only teaching but also encouraging and helping the girls to enjoy learning and she makes it easy to understand.

Carol's teaching strategy is what she sees in the child and bring up the best of the child. She always pays attention to the small detail in order to have the best technique. She also finds something for the girls to participate such as the software for practicing and Suzuki summer camp."

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