I made it to the top 3 and won a trip to the windy city! Carlier's School of Guitar and Music takes a very different approach to music instruction then any other teaching facility in the Charleston area. It is the only teaching studio that has a private retail space for the students only. It is where Music Instruction always comes 1st.

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  City Mount Pleasant, SC
  Zip Code 29464
  Address 1340 Ben Sawyer Boulevard
  Phone Number (843) 884-2907

From Our Website

We offer two ways to sell your used instrument. We can offer it through consignment or we can buy it outright from you. Throughout the years, consignment sales have always been the "gray area" of musical retail. After all, with guitars and cars, no one expects to pay full retail. You don't go into Burger King and ask "What can you give me off of that Whopper." That is just the way it is, so we want to make consigning an instrument simple. Basically, if you want to consign something, we will add 15% - so name your price, keeping in mind the commission.

Intervals, Ear Training, Scales [Modal and Exotics], Key Signatures, Chords Structure, Time Signatures, Improvisation, Recognition of Poly-Chords, Arpeggios, Playing Outside the Key, Chord Cadence, Arranging, Harmony, Playing in Pattern and much more. Developing into a musician is equally or even more important than developing skills on your chosen instrument, if one is serious about their musical identity.

As far as lesson plans I like to build one around each individual student's wants and needs. I like to say that "you are pilot and I am the navigator". Learning material, books and such are chosen after assessing the direction the student wants to go musically. I keep a log of the lessons so I can check on the progress. Many things that might work for me do not work for the student and vice versa. By me keeping an open mind and adapting to this I feel progress is made at a much more rapid pace.

At "Carlier's School of Guitar and Music" Guitar lessons are the specialty of "The House". Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of guitar instruction on electric or acoustic are offered. Finger Style, Flat Picking, Clutch [or Hybrid] Picking, Slide Guitar, Sweep Picking and Alternate Tunings are just a few of the techniques that you may choose learn. Bass, mandolin, harmonica, lap steel, dobro, and banjo lessons in varying degrees are also offered.

First you might ask why you would want to shop at a store that only approaches retail by reservation. Through out my many years in association with musical retail, I have always noticed that with multiple customers in the store the sales staff is often divided between several people simultaneously. I prefer do devote my full attention to the customer to provide them with the very best service I can offer. Also since the brunt of our business is based on musical education you might find our prices well below other retails stores.