Our wonderful students practice and study music with us for a range of reasons. With a diverse student body, Cappelli Institute of Music is committed to supporting a huge array of musical endeavors. Students of all ages, musical levels and backgrounds learn at a pace of instruction that encourages each to welcome new challenges as they gain confidence and expertise.

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  City Oak Park, IL
  Zip Code 60302
  Address 212 South Marion Street # 2
  Phone Number (708) 445-8460

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We offer private piano, vocal and instrumental instruction for students of all ages and abilities, emphasizing musical enjoyment. Our staff includes many Chicago area music professionals. We look forward to re-opening our location when it is appropriate to do so. We invite you to join us for the upcoming Spring Semester starting January 4, 2021 and running through April 24, 2021. The Cappelli Institute continues a musical legacy begun in Europe, reaching America's great concert halls and Indiana University, to the beautifully restored downtown of Oak Park, Illinois.

As an active member of the community, CIM provides both education and outreach opportunities through various programs, including Music of the Masters recitals available to retirement and nursing homes and Institute- sponsored concerts benefiting causes including Misericordia, the Ronald McDonald House near Loyola, breast cancer research at the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Program at Northwestern University and St. Jude Children's Hospital. At the Cappelli Institute, our passion for the enjoyment and power of music is something that we enjoy sharing with others.

Students should consider their online video performances as important as performances at our in-person, on-site student recitals, such as those held at the 19th Century Club. Practice as you would for any performance event, focusing on perfection and expressive musical performance. The Cappelli Institute will allow students to record their performance at CIM (1053 Lake St., Oak Park) along with professional accompaniment if desired. A fee of $35.00 per half hour of room usage time will be charged for the use of space and piano and accompanist fees for instrumentalists will apply.

New students at any age are familiarized with the keyboard. The musical alphabet of A-G is discussed and found in repeating patterns along 88 keys. White and Black Keys are identified and pitch from high to low is discovered through exploring the entire range of the keyboard. Notes, the symbol for various pitches are identified by their shapes and corresponding time values are assigned. Notes are placed on the lines and spaces of each clef for identification as letter names. Sitting at the piano, basic hand position, identification of finger numbers 1-5 for each hand and learning how piano keys respond to our touch and produce higher and lower pitches are explored from the first lesson.

Zoom lessons: In order to utilize lessons through Zoom (the most common online meeting format), please download the Zoom Cloud Meeting App prior to your lesson time. You must have the app installed in order to utilize this service. Click "Join Meeting" and enter your teacher's meeting ID which you will be given in advance. We have found Virtual Lessons to be an excellent alternative at this time. As much as we would like to see you in person, we choose to respect the opinions of local and national public officials, medical professionals, student families and instructors in continuing with Zoom lessons at this time.

Our staff voice teachers will introduce beginner voice students to the basics fundamentals of healthy vocal production - Support, Intonation, and Proper Vowel Production. A more technical approach to vocal instruction is possible as the student ages, as the student's muscular faculty develops, and as the vocal mechanism matures. Students may begin to study classical repertoire, and may be introduced to the basics of diction (the proununciation of songs written in foreign languages). Further training of the support mechanism will ensue, along with an increased emphasis on developing a basic understanding of line, legato, and phrasing.