LANE CAMERON MUSIC SERVICES of Reno, Nevada is a music complex committed to fulfilling your musical requirements in a range of ways. RECORDING STUDIO : World class digital recording in our studio at very competitive prices. DIGITAL MASTERING : Put the finishing touches on your recordings to give them a competitive edge. MIDI SEQUENCING : Fully produced Master Quality arrangements of your music.

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  City Reno, NV
  Zip Code 89503
  Address 3340 Lookout Pl
  Phone Number (775) 324-4300

Cameron is great and he is focused on the music sound. You will receive quality service.

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Top of the line professional midi sequences for your lounge act or stage show. These songs were sequenced by Lane Cameron and are currently being used in his successful Nevada nightclub act. Each song features very accurate drum and bass parts, and in most cases all other parts are faithful to the original recordings. Stage endings have been added for impact where nessesary and no songs have fade out endings. Many of the songs have a separate track programmed for Vocal Harmonies which can be used with an accompanying device such as a Digitech Vocalizer.

For the past eight years, Lane Cameron Music Services has been helping aspiring songwriters realize their dreams. Whether it be a simple demo of a song, or a completely orchestrated Master-Quality Recording, the same care and attention to detail ensures that your project turns out exactly as you envisioned it.

Every "hit record" or commercial recording that you hear on the radio or in your home has been Digitally "Mastered". It is a process by which your final mixes are examined, gently equalized and adjusted for proper balance and tone. Mastering can raise the average level of your final mixes so that your music is perceived to be "as loud" as the rest of your competition, a real advantage. Lane Cameron Music Services does all of this "fine tuning" at a remarkably low price with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Almost every stage act uses some form of electronic enhancement to increase their impact on the audience. Electronically it is possible to add back-up instruments with which you can play along for fun or profit. During the past 12 years I have programmed some of the most dynamic custom midi sequences available today. They cover all styles and are geared specifically for stage use with accurate drum parts, realistic orchestrations and endings designed to elicit applause. Additionally, upon request, I will transpose the songs to the key best suited to your voice.