Calliope School of Music was founded on the simple idea that students shouldn't just learn "how" to play their instruments, they should be learning "why" things work the way they do. At our studio we believe that the proper foundations and practical theory provide our students with the skills they need to be successful in their musical endeavors. Whether you want to play guitar in a metal band or classical piano concertos, we can help you develop the tools you need to meet your goals.

At Calliope School of Music we believe in teaching self reliance, we don't want our students to have a teacher showing them how to play for the rest of their musical careers. We want to make musicians, a player who can pick up a piece of music and play for themselves. We teach how music works, not just how to play it.

We offer instrumental lessons in piano, guitar, violin and drums as well as voice lessons.

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Piano Lessons

Piano is a wonderful instrument upon which to begin your musical path. Whether you are looking to eventually transition to another instrument or stay with it for the long run, the piano provides a logical and easy to grasp foundation for music in general. The theory is easy to visualize with the keyboard having such a uniform layout.
As with all of the lessons at Calliope School of Music, our piano lessons also provide training in music theory to aid the student in properly understanding not only the "how" of music but also the "why".

Voice Lessons

If you are interested in singing, whether you think you can or not, lessons are vital for the improvement of you voice. Our instructors will cover how singing works as well as proper singing technique.
A wide range of styles is possible with the voice, from classical opera to jazz and pop, almost every genre of music may contain a vocal element.


There is an old joke; How do you get a guitar player to stop playing? The answer of course is to put sheet music in front of him. For far too long the guitar has been looked upon as less of an instrument than others, but this wasn't always the case. We are looking to bring back the old way of thinking, where the guitar is more than a second class instrument and those that play it are more than just guitar players, but musicians.
No matter what style you are interested in, from classical to jazz or heavy metal, lessons can help you develop your craft and focus on what can make you a better musician.


Violin, although it is not impossible, is significantly easier to learn assisted. From the specific angles one must employ, and the peculiarities of holding the bow, having someone there to help you remarkably increases the success of the student. A large part of playing the violin is playing in a group such as the orchestra or string quartet. Lessons with an instructor helps provide experience in an extremely important aspect of your instrumental growth.


Rhythm is considered by many to be the hardest part about music. Rhythm is also considered to be the most important part about music. As a drummer it is important to understand the fundamentals of rhythm and how to apply it effectively. With guidance the interdependence, and rudiments needed are developed with direction and focus, helping the student become the best drummer they can be.

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We love Brian and all the staff and the place is amazing very inviting and The staff are very friendly and professional

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