DJ Diggin'um will conduct weekly 2-hour courses on the Basics of DJ Turntable Technology. Students can expect to learn the fundamentals of scratching,. The California College of Music would like to extend a warm welcome to its new Artist Development Chair, Kevin Dorsey and Vocal Department Chair, Phillip Ingram. Mami yearned for musical liberty and expression in her performances.

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  City Pasadena, CA
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California College of Music is a forward-thinking college for modern popular music that offers programs in both performance (voice, guitar, bass, drums, and piano/keyboard emphases) and songwriting & music production. Our longest program is the 18-month Associate of Science in Music Performance degree program; we also offer the 12-month Certificate in Songwriting & Music Production and Certificate in Music Performance programs, the 6-month Apprentice in Music Performance program, and the 8-week Preparatory Quarter program.

The Voice Performance curriculum at California College of Musicis designed for the student who seeks to develop his or her unique voice as an expressive performing artist. Our rigorous courses emphasize vocal technique, thorough ear training, fluency in harmony, accurate pitch, stylistic phrasing, songwriting, and repertoire selection. During your time at CCM, your overall musicianship will quickly be strengthened, equipping you with the skills to become a highly capable, adaptable singer in today's diverse music industry.

The Bass Performance curriculum at California College of Music is designed to develop excellent fretboard technique, a refined sense of groove and rhythmic specificity, the confidence to improvise tasteful walking basslines, and absolute fluency in harmony and theory. Every bass student at CCM emerges as a proficient, adaptable electric bass player, capable of meeting the needs of today's diverse music industry. Through frequent ensemble performance and personalized private lessons, you'll develop your abilities as both a supportive band member and a bass soloist.

The Drum Performance curriculum at California College of Music is designed to quickly develop excellent technique on the drums. You will focus on mastery of grooves and drum beats common in popular styles, unwavering tempo, accurate sight-reading, and perfect "pocket, " enabling you to excel as a pro drummer in a variety of musical contexts. By sitting on the drum throne as the primary timekeeper for CCM's various ensembles, you'll gain the skills and experience to accept nearly any drum gig or recording session with confidence.