Can I learn To Play the Guitar? Something my children don't want to quit! Hey I was playing before you knew it!

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As children we naturally emulate sounds from our parents, musical recordings, television performances - even birds and animals. At The By Ear Musician, we encourage students by building on that natural process. First we encourage the heart side by presenting music in the most fun and relaxed way possible. Progressively, we take music apart and develop skills separately: ear training, rhythm, chord construction, and harmonic progressions. Finally, depending on interest and teacher assessment, we develop the traditional "sight reading" side for those whose goals require it.

At By the Ear Musician Studio, we teach under the philosophy that learning sounds and music is a natural process. Everyone is a musical person, as evidenced by the variety of inflection used in speech. From birth we emulate sounds that we hear around us. As this skill develops, we replicate more complex aural systems, learning to attach words to pitch and rhythm through singing childhood songs. We firmly believe that music is an expression both desired and deserved by everyone. We provide a patient and caring atmosphere to encourage students of ALL AGES that - yes! Music is for you!