Give this book to any musician you love and to any person who loves what music does for them and for the world. One of the major piano teachers in New York City, Madeline Bruser gives private piano lessons at her studio on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

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  City New York, NY
  Zip Code 10025
  Address 801 West End Avenue # 1C
  Phone Number (212) 678-9215

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You can learn how to do this. You can learn a way of preparing for performance that brings out the best in you onstage. And the preparation itself can bring you a new level of joy that feeds into your performing. Before studying with Madeline I struggled for years with debilitating performance anxiety and frustration. She enabled me to recapture my earlier love for music and performing and to raise the level of my playing to an astonishing degree. I'm a pianist, educator, and author, and I love helping musicians take their playing to a whole new level and give it to the world.

Would you like your students to experience accelerated progress and become far more motivated? Picture them inspired to practice because they're playing with more freedom and confidence. Envision yourself brimming with excitement as you and your students continually make new discoveries that open up their playing. And YES, your teaching can become a tremendous source of joy and fulfillment in your life. Training as educators in the Art of Practicing approach has given dozens of dedicated teachers a proven set of skills to expand their impact.

Do you wonder if you're missing some necessary skill that would help you get past performance anxiety? Do you feel like something is in your way that keeps you from playing the way you dream of for an audience? Visualize being able to let go of tension and self-doubt and feel more joy and expressive freedom at the piano. Imagine knowing that you can rely on a new kind of preparation that gives you more confidence onstage. Picture yourself making this empowering transformation in a supportive group of fellow pianists who, like you, want to take their playing to a whole new level.

Or you push yourself to practice excessively and play tough passages over and over without enjoying the music. Whatever your story is, you might wonder if there's another approach to achieving confidence onstage. The twice-monthly Art of Practicing Institute live online workshops are home to a community of talented, hard-working musicians just like you. We're learning and growing together, and we're having an incredible time doing it. My transformation in the Live Online Workshops has been quite remarkable.

Imagine transforming your approach so that you can reliably perform with freedom and confidence. Picture yourself supported in this transformative journey by an extraordinary community of like-minded musicians. People just like you, who are all discovering their real performing potential in a supportive group process. The Art of Practicing Institute's summer program has changed the lives of musicians from every corner of the globe. Each musician in our community is, like you, endowed with a musical gift they want to share.