Are you interested in fully developing your love of music into something more by taking piano lessons NYC or guitar lessons in Nassau, NY, or Long Island? Kathryn Brickell Music has the instrumental instruction you seek, and can pair you with experienced instructors based on their resume, as well as the chemistry they have with you and your child to guarantee successful learning.

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Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, a KBM instructor is here to help you to learn or to enhance your abilities. Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, making it easy to find the perfect match for your interest and skill level. Each instructor's specialties are listed in their profile, along with helpful details like teaching style, background, student feedback, and hourly availability. Founded in 1985, Kathryn Brickell Music offers quality private music lessons to students in the N.Y.

If you enjoy music - why not participate? Taking music lessons may help you achieve exactly that. Listening to music can be a fantastic experience, but playing it can add an entirely different dimension. The study of music is an important decision as it requires a considerable commitment of your time and financial resources. One of the ways to ensure that private music lessons are a positive experience is. It is conclusively proven and known that learning a musical instrument can improve memory, better physiological coordination, boost academic performance and grades, stimulate mental activity, heal and relax the soul.

Local music Lessons in Brooklyn are so much fun to take when in the privacy of your home. Just think. You will have no traffic to suffer through and no parking hassles. That's right, we come to you! - And don't forget, if you prefer, you can choose to take lessons at one of our teacher's professional music studios! Your Brooklyn piano teacher makes piano lessons both enjoyable and educational. Your local guitar teacher will develop a personalized program of study just to suit the needs of the individual student!

Young students may take a 15-20 minute lesson provided it is scheduled in the same home back to back with another student. Often it is more economical for our students to begin learning on a keyboard rather than a piano. We also teach electric and bass guitar. Talent varies from student to student. It is a complicated topic as there are so many facets to music, and one student may excel at one facet but not another. If you yearn to play a specific instrument or if you love to sing, then that is a sure sign.

A deep love of music with all of its glorious sounds serves as the building blocks ofKathryn Brickell Musicin New York. Since 1985, we have educated people of all ages on the art of music through concentrated, private music lessons. For over 25 years, we have employed the most highly-qualified instructors, and have made every instrument accessible from childhood to adulthood. We invite you to find lifelong inspiration and joy through music! With weekly music lessons from accomplished musical professionals and a prolonged commitment to mastering an instrument, Kathryn Brickell Music in New York can transform you from a music lover into a trained musician.