Every individual has his or her own goals that they want to accomplish on the guitar. Some want to learn it all (technique, music theory, etc.) while others would be happy if they could simply learn to play one of their favorite songs. My goal as a teacher is to avoid any type of dogmatic "one size fits all" curriculum. I always want to know what music the student enjoys and build my lesson plans based on their tastes.

Chords can be physically challenging for beginners so I like to work with single-note melodies early on so that the student isn't quickly discouraged. Learning chords becomes the medium-term goal. As for the long-term, I will then use specific songs as examples for how music theory works in the context of their favorite bands. I am always prepared to adjust my lesson plans based on the students progress and overall comfort zone.

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My name is Chris Breen and I offer highly customized in-person lessons (in the northern New Jersey area) or online lessons through Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Hangout. Contact me HERE for more information. If you're interested in Music Theory, please check out my eBook! There is a significant drawback to this ‘YouTube' era of free music lessons; too many options, faulty information, and lack of any personal connection with a teacher. Let's address these concerns one by one. An excess of options can be overwhelming if you're already busy with school, work, family, and an active social life.