Bradburn Piano is situated at Bradburn Village in Westminster, Colorado. We are a local supplier of piano services tuning, repair, regulation, and provide piano instruction for beginning to intermediate students. We are highly service oriented, and deeply dedicated to assisting you make pretty music. It is a privilege to serve our customers and our students. We sincerely look ahead to working with you.

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  City Westminster, CO
  Zip Code 80031
  Address 11771 Osceola Street
  Phone Number (303) 604-6282

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Practice is the most important part of learning to play any musical instrument. These methods still require practice. Please understand this aspect. YOU MUST PRACTICE TO PLAY THE PIANO. We will guide you, or your young pianist to make this aspect of study pleasant, and rewarding. Piano students need a quiet environment that is private and secure. Practicing the piano is a life lesson within itself. It will pay back exactly what you put into it. Practice well and practice often.

Please, please, please think about this. If it sounds like a toy will you play it like a serious instrument? Read On before you go looking! Don't run out and buy a Steinway & Sons piano! You may also want to read up on it, we have reading materials at our studio on the subject. We do not normally sell pianos here at Bradburn Piano, that allows us to be more objective about this subject. We will be happy to advise you on your purchase of an electronic or traditional piano. There is a lot to understand about this subject.

We develop an individualized lesson plan for the student. Learning to play any instrument requires an instructor to help with the interpretation of the learning material at hand. Bradburn Piano is committed to this process. We are earnest about passing on this lifetime skill. At Bradburn Piano the student studies how to play the music, the theory behind the music, and the history of music. There are some considerations to make when taking lessons that will help you achieve your best results. Practice Area, Instrument they are among the most fundamental keys to your success.

Tuning a piano requires a combination of technical and artistic skills. 220 piano strings into a beautiful harmonious relationship with each other! This service is a part of our standard tuning. The technician will begin tuning your piano after discussing the pre-tuning inspection with you.