I teach clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon and flute at Pedrini Music in La Crescenta. I have fifty years professional playing experience, and now devote my energies to teaching private music lessons. I have trained under the best woodwind players in the world, and know all the preferred techniques. I believe that a lesson is as good as the communication in the lesson, and so always use patience. I believe in basics, but also try to add new activities. My students score high at competitions, get into honor groups (such as All-state Band), and have fun with it.

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  Person Bob Riggs
  City La Crescenta, CA
  Zip Code 91214
  Address 2916 Foothill Boulevard
  Phone Number (818) 237-3354

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Bob Riggs

Clarinet /Saxophone Teacher

Over the years, teaching has become what I enjoy the most in the music business. It was a logical evolutionary step when I was canceling lessons to perform, and some students were left without a lesson right before a critical moment for them.

For many years, from about 1980 and into the new millennia, I always broke my activities into four subgroups: 1) musical performances, 2) teaching, 3) reed-making, and 4) instrument repair and restoration.

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