Blue Sky Recording Studio has an on site music store where musicians and music teachers can enjoy personalized service and buy music books, musical accessories, musical instruments, instrument rentals, drum & guitar repair services, and more.

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  City Delmar, NY
  Zip Code 12054
  Address 118 Adams
  Phone Number (518) 478-7862

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The most important aspect of a great recording is the feel of the music, and achieving a great feel depends greatly on the comfort level of the musician(s). Whether you play your best in your rehearsal room, your living room or on stage, our first goal is to make you feel as comfortable as you would in one of these places. We'll strive to get you a great headphone mix, or if you prefer no headphones at all, that's fine too. Would you like us to simply capture you doing your thing, or would you rather have us help you along with the input of our experienced engineers and producers?

Blue Sky's Scott Apicelli is someone I love having at the controls in the recording studio. He has ears you can absolutely count on for the finest nuances of pitch, musical line, and rhythm. Nothing escapes his ears which is why he is such a gifted arranger and producer. Top that with kindness, humor, and an ability to both encourage your best performance and put your mind at ease, that adds up to a joyful and professional collaborator. You not only improved my results by breathing more air into the mix and improving the timbrel quality of the vocals, but you have essentially made me a template for comparative use for my next project!

It is our mission to do our part in keeping everyone safe and helping to stop the spread of the virus, and below are some of the steps we are taking to achieve this. As per state order, masks are required when entering the building. Also, please wash your hands or use our touchless hand sanitizing station once you arrive! The music store is currently open for walk-in traffic on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 4:00 - 7:00. For your convenience, we are also currently servicing customers while we are here by appointment only, generally between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm.

There's always music in some shape or form going on around here - lessons of all kinds and calibers being taught, conversations around the coffee pot of the latest virtuoso or about last night's gig, instruments being worked on, songs being written, music being recorded or mixed - all of which makes Blue Sky a pretty cool working environment! The folks that work here at Blue Sky are what keeps these wheels turning, and if you feel you have something to contribute, we'd love to hear from you! While we're not always in need of music instructors, when the opportunity arises you're going to want us to have you in mind!

The best, most efficient way for a student to improve on his or her instrument is with one on one, private lessons - especially at the early stages when the student is learning proper technique, and doesn't yet have the knowledge to properly or efficiently apply the lessons learned solely from the internet or from a group setting. A good private instructor will get to know you, and tailor the lesson to you - your likes, dislikes, practicing habits, learning needs and learning style. Kids love coming to Blue Sky to take private music lessons.