Worldwide Piano has been the NJ piano dealer committed to delivering the best pianos in the world for their clients at the guaranteed lowest prices. Whether you are an expert artist, a student, or enthused listener, we know with the 100's of pianos in stock you'll find the piano ideal for you at Worldwide Piano in NJ or NY.

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I want to personally welcome you to our NJ piano store. Our piano store is a family owned and operated piano dealer. My family and I have a combined experience of over 90 years in the piano industry. I have been playing piano since the age of 3 and now have a masters in piano performance plus a music education degree. I have concertized up and down the East Coast and have performed at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. I have hand selected what I believe to be the best pianos available on the market today at the absolute lowest prices anywhere.

Cristofori's gravicembalo col piano e forte was designed after the pattern and usage of the harpsichord to meet the demands of the ever more technical keyboard compositions (for more information about the pre-history of the piano, visit our ). The piano forte did not attract much attention in the early 1700's. Builders simplified the action for ease of manufacture, eliminating the escapement and the check, the two features most essential to good control over dynamics and articulation. The piano forte was grouped with other keyboard novelties of the day and few were made.

Worldwide Music School's instructors have been providing quality music instruction on all instruments for a combined 70 years. We have many certified music instructors teaching all musical instruments. We feel that top notch music education should be accessible to all who want to learn. That is one of the reasons our rates are very reasonable. Playing a musical instrument has been proven in scientific studies to promote Mathematical, Verbal, and Spacial learning. Worldwide Music School offers several recitals throughout the year allowing the students to perform.

With dozens of models of vertical and grand pianos, the Hallet, Davis & Co. product group offers the possibility to select the right instrument for every requirement. These outstanding instruments are handcrafted to exacting specifications and provide astonishing fullness of tone and beauty of appearance. Vertical models include the Concert Console Series available in Continental, Institutional and designer Chippendale furniture cases. These consoles boast world class European components and workmanship while maintaining a very attractive price range.

Worldwide Piano's showrooms represent one of the foremost collections of fine quality and superbly crafted American and imported pianos, and digital pianos. Worldwide Piano is proud to have been chosen to represent many of the world's premiere musical instruments. Our exclusive "authorized dealer" status brings our customers many advantages such as, full warranty protection, manufacturer-sponsored financing, authentic parts, certified maintenance and repair, and most of all, peace of mind that your investment will last a lifetime.