"Bach to Jazz "believes that "Everyone has some form of musical gift", but most never realize it.. My goal is to help everyone realize their musical gifts. I believe music instruction should be tailored to each student's learning style and their individual needs and goals. To that end, after talking at length, I design a program for you based on meeting your goals. This personalized, high-quality, focused, hands-on instruction is all planned for you, you just work the plan.

My approach is highly supportive, with a lot of positive encouragement and constructive criticism, and is directed towards playing music right away. I take what you want to learn and use it as an addition to book material, laying a firm foundation in necessary technique, ear training, harmony, melody and rhythm. Also, as a multi-instrument player, I am able to provide the students with practical experience of playing with other instruments in a performing situation.

For example: During the lesson, provided the student is ready, I will use another instrument (guitar, drums, piano) and will play along with the student, and /or will have the drum machine playing in the background. It will not be done to the point of it becoming disturbing, but rather low enough in volume so that the student gets used to playing in a performance / band context. This interaction provides a more realistic performance learning experience than can be provided by a single instrument instructor.

It's a "no nonsense", systematic, step-by-step, straight-forward and fun approach, which has proven itself over years, and which will set you on the road to achieving your musical goals.

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Verlet Olibrice

I am an ASCAP Christian Independent Recording Artist, Multi-Instrumental Producer, Music Instructor & Music Business Consultant with over 20 years experience.