25+ years of knowledge in singing, performing, songwriting and recording, gives Dr. Pugh the knowledge and expertise of this teaching ministry. BSharp Studio provides a warm and friendly environment catering to those who have longed for and are eager to evolve an ear for music or to be creative in expressing themselves through song. This is the place where everybody learns.

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  City Oakland, CA
  Zip Code 94605
  Phone Number (510) 872-7464

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The student enrolled in acoustic guitar lessons- folk rock, folk, bluegrass, country, and acoustic blues- will learn the guitar chords in the keys common to their style of interest, the strum patterns that convey that style, as well as flatpicking, finger picking, direct chord substitutions, and bass walks. This chord vocabulary and technique is applied to music of the student's choosing. As he/she develops interest, the music theory or relationship of chord, scale, and key, is explained. B Sharp Studio offers electric bass students an opportunity to play with others in our rehearsal room, and the chance to perform publicly.