Established in Grafton, Massachusetts in 1989, Apple Tree Arts is a non-profit community school for the arts serving people of all ages throughout the Blackstone and Assabet Valleys in S central Massachusetts. Our goal is to enrich the community through the arts, by delivering best quality educational music and theatre arts programs for individuals of all ages.

Contact Details

  City Grafton, MA
  Zip Code 01519
  Address 30 Grafton Cmn
  Phone Number (508) 839-4286

From Our Website

Favorite Piece/Venue: 'Bemsha Swing' by Thelonious Monk and 'So What' by Miles Davis performed at a Pre-K class in Brooklyn, NY with the students singing lyrics along with our 5 piece Jazz group.

We've reimagined our private lesson program to give you the most engaging, relevant, & valuable educational experience in the area. Students of all ages are welcome. Please call the office if you have any questions about your child's readiness. Tuition is charged on a monthly membership model based on your lesson length, which allows our faculty to focus on the development of their students as a whole rather than just during the 30/45/60 minutes they're in their lesson each week. Everything listed above is included, and you'll never have to worry about one month costing more than another due to a recital, an extra week, etc.