They are available at select music stores. They perform frequently in the New England area. Programs often include works by.

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  City Waltham, MA
  Zip Code 02453
  Phone Number (781) 373-1278

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There is a vast difference in the touch, sound and pedaling between electronic and acoustic pianos. It is highly recommended that students of classical music have access to an acoustic piano. Tune pianos at least twice each year. Humidity should remain as constant as possible. Placement of piano: ideally, on an interior wall and not in direct sunlight. Piano Technician's Guild. Adjustable benches are great for children and will 'grow' with your child. Please note that the artist bench does not adjust high enough to accomodate small children.

Q: How does one go about selecting a teacher? A: Are you looking for a teacher to help motivate you and/or provide performance opportunities for you? Are you preparing for a specific goal: performance, recording session, competition, college auditions? Do you want weekly lessons or would you prefer occasional coaching sessions? I recommend getting referrals from various sources such as music schools, musicians, and music organizations. Music organizations such as: The New England Piano Teachers Association and the Music Teachers National Association may provide lists of teachers in your area.