We offer Individual Piano Instruction with the Emphasis upon the Musical Development and Integration of the Whole Person Beginners or Advanced, Children and Adults. Member National Guild of Piano Teachers.

High standards for the student desiring a solid classical background, which will prepare him for performance in ANY category of music. Learn how to acquire technique (develop your chops) to build your maximum finger independence and overall strength for clean, even playing and the dependability of hands and fingers to control tone, whether in the softest or heaviest of playing.

Improvisation Encouraged! Learn how to play anything on the printed page and learn to play anything you can sing! To begin, we find all of the notes of a simple melody, then, add the harmony of chords that go with that melody. Learn how to play a piece of music in different time signatures and transpose it into different keys and different styles. Learn to read Chord Symbols.

When we learn not only how to read and play a musical score; but also, how to develop our ear, then our entire musicianship potential, enters into the process of immense growth-for the rest of our lives! In the absence of this dual concentration, a significant portion of the brain remains undeveloped and, sadly, many experiences of great joy are totally missed.

One of the most essential skills of the true artist, is the development of a heightened ability to listen to what he is getting back as he plays. Indeed, the development of one's ability to listen additionally heightens awareness in all life experiences!

While learning to play the piano, we discover that the piano affords us the most amazing and unique opportunity to learn to think as a conductor thinks. As a pianist, we are in charge of rehearsals, the faithfulness to a score, the tempo, the energy and mood, the soloists (and whether or not our melodies truly do sing!).

Add to this, the accompaniment, the rhythm, the harmony and serious care re: the quality of the experience our listening, feeling audience will have. Even though it is a lot to pull together, if we begin thinking in this way, while working on an elementary level, the necessary skills are given the chance to gradually and comfortably, begin to slide into place!

Once how to practice is well established, we find that we can master our pieces, and advance much faster than earlier, we might ever have thought possible!

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  • National Guild of Piano Teachers, BMI

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  Person Andrea Marsavonian
  City Frisco, TX
  Zip Code 75035
  Address 10909 Paisano Drive
  Phone Number (214) 387-7703

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Andrea Marsavonian

Director, Teaching Artist

Andrea Marsavonian, as a child prodigy, began her musical career when only two and a half years old. She astonished her parents and guests by climbing up to the piano and playing a familiar melody in its entirety with both hands. At age four and a half, Andrea began her formal musical studies and her perfect pitch was discovered. A winner of the Bland Memorial Scholarship, The Hermitage Foundation Scholarship, and the Paderewski Gold Medal awarded by the National Guild of Piano Teachers, Andrea studied with Marion White, Mary Goode Brooke, Bristow Hardin, Armand Basile of the Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, and Irwin Freundlich of the Julliard School. She made her New York debut at the Carnegie Recital Hall.

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Piano Instruction

Providing Individual Piano Instruction, in the Frisco, Plano, McKinney, and Allen, Texas area, with the Emphasis upon the Musical Development and Integration of the Whole Person…Beginners or Advanced, Children and Adults. Member National Guild of Piano Teachers.

Customer Testimonials

I took lessons from Ms. Andrea for many years. She's not what I'd call your average teacher. What can I say folks... what a gem she is and a rare find. Her wonderful personality and passion for teaching everyone from adults to children, her skills and training, and her amazing piano playing will make u fall off your chair. Somehow she makes learning piano exciting and so much fun..never a drag.! And then, I can't say enough about her awesome smile that just lights you up every time you walk in her studio. If there were more than 5 stars.. believe, I'd give them to her.

We have been very blessed to have Miss Andrea as our daughter's piano teacher. She is an extremely talented pianist and excellent teacher. Our daughter has acquired a solid foundation and understanding of the piano as well as music. Miss Andrea has helped her to express herself creatively through music with the real knowledge that only can be taught by a real and true artist.

Ms. Marsavonian is at the top of her class as an instructor, she has the patience of an angel and takes the time to ensure that her pupils understand every phase of their lessons. What an excellent pianist she is in addition to teaching. She hears everything, every note and nuance of the music she so obviously loves. She not only teaches her pupils to play but also instills a love of music in each one who happens to come to her class. She is outstanding and anyone having the opportunity to learn from her has been blessed with God given talent.

Andrea is a wonderful pianist, accomplished composer, and a great teacher. I highly recommend her!

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Many times in life, we learn exactly what we thought we would learn. Our experience really does match our expectation. However, sometimes we can learn far more than we had ever imagined. I have found that if we are open to what is possible, that even if it is with only a little bit of faith, as long as we can from time to time, regularly be in the presence of another who also is open to what is possible, that amazing things can happen. When that other person has had the benefit of much life experience and thoroughly knows that one's perception of how he sees himself is of the highest priority; then, what is created is an open door that one can help another move through.

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WELCOME to the site of Andrea Marsavonian, Pianist-Composer and the Andrea Marsavonian School of Music! Do make yourself at home!.and please don't hesitate to contact me with comments or any questions. I'd love to hear from you! Just click on Contact Us and drop me a line. Never, ever forget that you are precious in God's sight, that each of us is on a journey through our world school and.that true friends support each other in their strengths-not their weaknesses. Our creator has seen to it, that we are never alone.

My feedback: When our son was born, the neonatologist showed us a chart that said 95% of the babies born at 24 weeks are severely disabled. Looking back I think he should have showed us a movie to prepare us for the years that followed that day. Each visit to the doctor's office or hospital shattered us with some more new diagnosis and some more of the worst prognosis a parent can hear about their child's future. Our days were filled with therapies after therapies and visits after visits to some medical specialist.