A non-profit community school of the arts that offers lessons in voice, piano, guitar, drums, woodwinds, brass, a youth orchestra, jazz combo, ballet, dance, art, and early childhood classes. Our lessons are available for all ages. We have summer camps, recitals, music experiences, performance opportunities, and community outreach programs. Online registration and scheduling is available - all major credit cards accepted, set your own payment plan, set your entire family's schedule online.

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  City Warrenton, VA
  Zip Code 20186
  Address 20 Main Street
  Phone Number (540) 349-5088

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Piano is a wonderful starting pointing for anyone interested in music. All music is based on the piano keyboard. Because of this, the knowledge learned while studying piano will transfer to another instrument the student may wish to explore. Students will learn theory and note reading, technique, the discipline of studying an instrument and preparing pieces for performance.



The guitar is an amazing, unique instrument. On one hand it is so simple that you can learn a few basic chords by merely learning how and where to place your fingers on the fret board (so-called chord shapes) . Those basic chords will allow you to strum along as you sing, or even just strum the chords because they sound nice. For many people, that is enough.

On the other hand, the guitar as it was designed centuries ago is so complex it is considered a PhD level instrument. Unfortunately, for various reasons, the predominant view of the guitar is that of the simple instrument. A perspective reinforced by the many guitar method books which basically treat the instrument as a non-serious, fun thing that can be learned in 10 easy lessons, all without actually learning to read notes – the written language of music – or the core skills necessary to play at an advanced level.

At Allegro we acknowledge and affirm both views.

Customer Testimonials

Allegro has been an enormous blessing to our family and our children are growing in their appreciation, enjoyment, and understanding of music. The teachers are amazing, and staff warm and welcoming. Highly recommend.

Wonderful programs for students and musicians of all ages. Wonderful group of teachers and staff.

My kids have been taking piano here for years and love it. It's been amazing to watch them learn the art of music.

We have been taking our daughter to Allegro for about 9 months and she takes Music Therapy from Kari. Kari does an excellent job with her. Kari is so patient and kind even when our daughter has days that she gets nervous. We have seen such a huge change in our daughter the past 6-7 months and we think that the music therapy is really opening up doors for her to learn in a new way. We love seeing the new confidence she has after class ends each time. I highly recommend Allegro for all of your musical needs!

All the instructors and staff are helpful, encouraging and supportive. More importantly, the school has very skilled instructors that work with children who wish to pursue music as a career path. They offer so many options in music, theatre, and visual arts. Allegro is a wonderful place to explore the arts.

Wonderful, community-minded organization! The staff and students from Allegro are always willing to pitch in and help make local events more enjoyable. And the talent that comes out of that school is amazing!


The Wizard of Warrenton - Allegro Broadway Camp Highlights

Take a look behind the scenes at the Allegro CSA Broadway camp, "The Wizard of Warrenton!"

Video by Robert Jinks Photography:
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We are an all inclusive community accepting all types of individuals from diverse backgrounds, unique learning needs, and a variety of life situations. At Allegro, everyone is family and we strive to engage with our family members through joy and triumph. We see individuals as a part of the beautiful kaleidoscope of life, our students' lives enrich our lives and through love and laughter we learn through their achievements. Our vision is to create a place where the arts are a cornerstone of the community as well as every individual lifestyle.

Allegro is a non-profit art school squarely focused on giving back to our community and bringing the arts to life within Fauquier, Prince William, Culpeper and Rappahannock counties. We are the region's preeminent community art school. We truly have a heart for connecting others to the arts; this is our passion. We want to increase art appreciation and participation within our community, and within our families! Through education, performance, and community partnerships, we develop the "whole artist."

The equipment, set up and maintenance making it possible for us to offer virtual and recorded options of our classes has been provided by our Pink Diamond sponsor, iSenpai.